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Welcome to Gifted Social Studies

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1 Welcome to Gifted Social Studies
Seating Assignments First day of school: 1. Please come in and sit in a seat where you think you’ll be most successful. 2. Please have schedules out on your desk.

2 Welcome to Gifted Social Studies
Instructor: Mr. Tomlinson Classroom 301 Classroom phone number

3 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Gifted Social Studies Supply List
1. Folder or 3 ring binder or trapper keeper of some type- (select which is best for the student)   2. loose leaf paper (college or wide ruled) 3. pencils and/or pens (blue or black ink) 4. USB flash drive (optional) 5.  colored pencils  12 or 24 pack (optional) That is it. I do not require parents or students to bring in any supplies, however, donations of pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, facial tissue, Clorox wipes, and paper towels are always appreciated.

4 Another Important Item to Bring to Class
You should always bring a novel, either an Accelerated Reader novel or other approved book, with you to class. 

5 Punctuality is important.
Classroom Procedures Punctuality is important. Please come to class on time with all your supplies. Forgetting something in your locker is not an acceptable excuse for being tardy. Remember, just because you have a locker it doesn’t mean you have to use it every period. Know what you need, when you need it, and how you’re going to have it with you when you get to class.

6 What is a tardy? Tardy, as defined in the Code of Student Conduct (p. 6) “is defined as an arrival to class after the designated starting time or the tardy signal has sounded.” An excused tardy requires a pass from a teacher, administrator, or other staff member. Without a pass the tardy is unexcused.

7 Consequences for tardiness
On the 4th unexcused tardy of the nine weeks, your parent/guardian will be called and you will be issued an after school detention. A phone call to your parent/guardian and detention will be issued for the 5th, 6th, 7th unexcused tardy. A discipline referral will be written on the 8th unexcused tardy.

8 Coming in and out of class
Enter and exit the classroom quietly. a. Upon entering classroom Copy homework into Agenda Copy Learning Goal (Objective) Prepare for Warm up/Quiz/CNN New

9 Classroom Procedures B. Upon exiting the classroom
Class is dismissed by the teacher, not the bell. When exiting class, make sure to look around before you leave to make sure you have all of your belongings. And clean up your area before leaving the room. If everyone follows this procedure the room should look marvelous.

Lockers are issued through 7th period/EPIC teacher Students are allowed ONE items in class. All items including purses, string backpacks and lunchboxes must be put in the backpack, or kept in your locker.

11 Restroom Breaks Restroom visits should take place prior to the start of class. Students who check in with me before going to the restroom will not be marked tardy if they are late. However, students who are late who are caught abusing this policy will be marked tardy.  Leaving class to use the restroom will be limited to emergency use only. Students will be required to make up missed time during their lunch If you have special needs, please inform the clinic and all teachers.

12 Consequences First offense: Warning
Second offense: teacher/student conference Third offense: Send out for rest of period and teacher/student conference. Fourth offense: Lunch detention, ten minutes in this classroom immediately following the bell for your lunch. Do not go to the cafeteria to get your lunch, you may bring your packed lunch with you, but may not eat in class.

13 These consequences are for minor infractions of the rules
These consequences are for minor infractions of the rules. Any overly disruptive or any disrespectful behavior will result in more severe consequences (i.e. after school detention, phone call home, office referral etc.)

14 How to serve a lunch detention:
NOTE: Continuous infractions of the rules will result in a phone call home and/or an office referral. Come to room 301 directly after you are dismissed for lunch. Get here before the second bell and the length of your detention may be reduced. Do not bring any food to eat. You may bring your bag lunch, but no eating! Timer starts when you arrive; no eating; no talking. Any difficulties following procedures results in another lunch detention.

15 Classroom Procedures When we work sometimes it gets noisy, so…
To get your attention Mr. Tomlinson will… say, “may I have your attention please” If needed, count down using “three, two, one” Students will… become quiet look at Mr. Tomlinson be ready to listen

16 Making Up Work Make up work in a timely manner
When absent, student are required to get missing assignments from my website, the agenda board, a classmate, or via or phone. Also students can see me before or after class or school to discuss their make up work. Students should check their class’s file in the front of the room for any worksheets assigned during their absence. Students will have two days for every day absent to complete make up work

17 Quiz Procedures Start quiz immediately keep eyes on your own paper
Complete easier ones first Put all work and answers in the correct box Check your work if you have time Quizzes may be timed Remain quietly at your seat until time is up Self assess each answer Pass quizzes forward only after the time is up

18 Testing Procedures Testing Rules and Procedures Remain quiet
Remain in seat Keep eyes on your own paper Raise hand for: new pencil, direction questions NO passes until test is over When finished, turn test over and wait quietly You may read or do class work (any subject) when you are complete

19 Classroom Visitors Administrator visits.
Remain working and quietly answer any questions asked of you by an administrator. Office Aide/Student from another class Continue working, do not speak to or try to speak with them or make gestures to get their attention

20 Classroom Procedures Fire Exit and Procedures Exit through front door
In a quiet line, walk out to the grassy area next to the media center Line up quickly in alphabetical order, by last name Stay in line and remain quiet until we are told to report back to class



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