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Rules and Procedures Checklist

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1 Rules and Procedures Checklist
What is expected of me as anew student in this classroom?

2 KEY Respect for each other, knowledge of the subject, and the materials we use is paramount in having a great classroom experience!

3 1. When does class begin? When does class end?
Begins: Class begins as soon as the bell rings. Ends: When I dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you.

4 2. Seating assignments are made to maximize learning and minimize disruptions.
Do I know where my permanent seat is? We do have assigned seats in our classroom. If you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings, then I will count you absent.

5 3. What behavior is allowed upon entering the classroom?
____visiting with friends allowed ____board work or bell-ringer activity to complete ____Other: Check for daily make up on the bulletin board

6 4. Time to clean room? Prepare to leave?
Clean room: Five minutes before the bell rings. Prepare to leave: When the bell rings (not before it rings) or when you have your daily formative assessment completed.

7 5. What behavior is expected upon leaving the classroom?
How will you know the class is over? The teacher will always dismiss the class. Class is not over when the bell rings. (Remember – the teacher dismisses you from the class, not the bell.)

8 6. What to do when tardy: What is tardy? If you enter the classroom after the tardy bell rings. Are there consequences? Yes What are they? First time: Warning, Second time: minor write up, Third time: parent contacted

9 7. How to request permission to leave the room:
Raise your hand and ask for permission to leave the room. Do not blurt out during instructional time. Wait for the appropriate time to ask for permission.

10 8. Procedure for turning in assignments:
I will ask you to turn in your assignments by passing them to the front of your row.

11 9. Policy for making up missed work:
If you miss school, you will be given however many days you missed plus one day to make up your work.

12 10. What to do if you don’t have your homework:
If you don’t have your homework, speak to me before class and explain.

13 11. Testing Schedule Tests will be given at the end of each chapter.
Vocabulary and grammar quizzes will be given throughout each chapter.

14 12. Cheating Policy: If you cheat (this includes copying from someone’s paper or giving someone your paper to copy of off), you will be given an automatic zero for the assignment. You will also be given detention and your parent/guardian will be notified.

15 13. What you should bring to class each day:
_____paper _____notebook ____pencil _____homework ____great attitude _____book Other:

16 14. What to do if you don’t have materials:
After you have entered my class and the bell has rung, you will not be permitted to leave to get materials you have forgotten. If you have forgotten something, ask to borrow or share with a neighbor. (It will be good if you can secretly borrow from someone so as to not seem unprepared.)

17 15. Procedure for trash disposal:
You can wait to dispose of any trash until the end of class. You do not need to get out of your seat during classtime to dispose of anything.

18 16. What to do if you need a tissue:
Raise your hand and ask for one. Don’t get out of your seat.

19 17. Policy about gum and food:
You will be allowed to have gum and food in the classroom, until it becomes a problem. You are responsible for your trash and mess, not me or the janitors. The first time I have to pick up gum or food containers, your class will not be permitted to have these items.

20 18. Where to find homework assignments:
Homework assignments will be found on the Daily Make-Up section on the bulletin board and on my teacher website.

21 19. What to do when you finish before others:
Bring a book to read, organize your notes, read through your Spanish book, study and prepare for quizzes and tests. (If you are really smart you will not disturb others, it is their right to learn too.)

22 20. When it is NOT okay to talk:
When I am talking, when your classmates are presenting, during a test, video or during announcements.

23 21. Additional information:
You will be given four restroom passes and one emergency pass each nine weeks. You will sign out before you leave to go to the restroom. If you do not use all of your passes, you will be given 10 extra credit points for each pass that you have left over at the end of each nine week grading period.

24 Exit Slip 1. What is the third consequence if I break a rule?

25 2. What is noise level 1?

26 3. When am I considered tardy?

27 4. What do I get if I am good and follow the rules?

28 5. What will happen if you have your cellphone or Ipod out during class?

29 6. When can you not go to the restroom?

30 7. I have ______ bathroom passes per nine weeks.

31 8. How many emergency bathroom passes do you have per nine weeks?

32 8. If you are coming before school you must have one of the following items.
A) A hall pass B) A morning hall pass C) A hand written note from Ms. Elam D) B and C

33 10.When is it NOT okay to talk?

34 11. What should I do if I don’t have my materials one day?

35 12. How do I request permission to leave the classroom?

36 13. What do I do if I don’t have my homework?

37 14. Why do we have a seating arrangement?

38 15. Do I have to request permission to leave my seat?

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