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Welcome To Mrs. Carlton's Room. Entering the Class Come in quietly. This not a social time. Get out your morning work,agenda,and homework Make sure.

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1 Welcome To Mrs. Carlton's Room


3 Entering the Class Come in quietly. This not a social time. Get out your morning work,agenda,and homework Make sure you have a sharpened pencil Begin morning work

4 Morning Work Morning work should be completed without help from the teacher. It is a review of skills that has previously been taught. Think hard and use your resources.

5 Leaving Class I will dismiss you in an orderly fashion according to the seating arrangement. Before dismissal clean up your area. All supplies must be returned and all trash must be off the floor. Do not pack up before I ask you to pack up.

6 If you are absent A folder will be carried by another student to each class to pick any work that you have missed. Keep in mind a worksheet that takes 5 minutes does not replace a whole class activity. Some work cannot be sent home to be made up. Missed work should be made up within 3 days

7 Pencils Please come to class prepared with a pencil. If you need a pencil get one from the pencil cup or ask a friend. Don't ask me for a pencil. Pencils may be sharpened during morning work. Permission must be given to use the pencil sharpener any other time. Honestly, I hate the pencil sharpener. Make me happy! Don't use it!

8 Tissue Issue Yes, from to time we all need a Kleenex. Please make sure to get several tissues during morning work time. You will not be allowed to get up and get more during class. Please throw away all tissues at the end of class.

9 Talking Trash Please, please, please clean up after yourself. Do not leave papers in your desk. This will be considered trash. If you eat snack in the room, clean up all wrappers and crumbs. If you see trash that isn't yours, clean it up anyway.

10 Bathroom Break The best time to go to the bathroom is during morning work. Please do not ask to go to the restroom during instruction time. If you must leave class to go to the bathroom, remember you missing valuable class time. Hurry back.


12 Different types of work time Morning work Class discussion Checking work Independent work/group work Test taking

13 Class Discussion This a time we discuss new standards or increase your knowledge on a previously discussed your standard. Please be courteous and raise your hand to speak. Do not interrupt the teacher or a classmate. We all deserve a turn to talk.

14 Morning Work Morning work should last between 5 and 10 minutes. This is the time to get yourself ready work. Sharpen pencils and ask to go to the bathroom. This is also my time to get ready for class. Please do not interrupt while I am trying to do so.

15 Checking Work Pay attention at all times! I usually call on people who are not paying attention. Listen! Sometimes I will call on individuals and sometimes I will want a group response. This is not doodle time. If you get it right put a small check. If it is wrong put a small x. Remember, I make mistakes too. Sometimes you need to check my work!

16 Independent Work/ Group Work Independent work means no talking and eyes on your own paper. Group work means talk in a low voice and everyone in the group works.

17 Test Taking During testing there is absolutely no talking. During testing we will not go to the bathroom, get water, take AR test. In other words do not get out of your seat. Once testing is over there may be time to those things mentioned above.

18 Walking in the Hall I LOVE a straight line!!! They make me extremely happy!!! I expect you to walk one behind the other and looking where you are going. There is no talking in the hallway at all.

19 Lunch!!!! Fill in all the seats as instructed. Please do not save seats. Talk quietly to you neighbor. Use your best table manners. Clean up after yourself

20 Breakfast As we get used to eating breakfast in the classroom we will develop a procedure. Most importantly- PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!!

21 Desks Your desk is not really your desk. Do not leave anything in your desk. Your desk will constantly move depending on the activity. Please quietly find your desk when this happens.

22 Classroom Must Have Supplies You must always have a pencil. Bring your interactive notebooks to class Either a binder or a draw string book bag. Agenda Communicator

23 Items needed for the classroom Tissues Pencils Notebook paper Hand sanitizer Baby wipes or Clorox wipes Soap

24 Supplies you may use for your interactive notebooks Scissors Glue stick High lighter Skinny markers Colored pencils Different color ink pens Pencil box or bag

25 Classroom Discipline In general, I have very few discipline problems because I try to use procedures to guide student behavior. Minor behaviors- students will sign the clip board and may miss recess time. After signing the clip board more than once for the same behavior, a parent will be contacted. Major behaviors- automatic referral to office.



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