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to our class. I’m glad you are here! Mrs. Zerbi 7th Grade Science Room T14.

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2 to our class. I’m glad you are here! Mrs. Zerbi 7th Grade Science Room T14

3  I am here to teach; you are here to learn. I will do my job; you will do yours, and we will together use this year wisely and beneficially.  Positive attitude is the key of success. Let’s keep it all the time.

4 Our classroom rules are posted on the wall: Please 1. Be Courteous and Respectful 2. Be Responsible 3. Be Prepared 4. Follow all campus rules. Thank you!

5  You will need a a bradded folder for this class! You will store it in a bin that I provide. All daily work will be kept here.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR FOLDER OR YOU WILL LOSE POINTS ON ANY WORK GRADED WHILE IT IS LOST!!!!!!!

6  Verbal Acknowledgement  A Stress free learning environment  A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

7 Posted on the wall: 1. Verbal Warning 2. Seat Change or behavior essay and Parent contact 3. Detention and Parent contact 4. Office Referral ***Arc will be assigned if a student has a failing grade from failure to turn in work that is due.

8 The mission of Sterling Middle School is to work collaboratively with our school community members to provide a positive learning environment by challenging our students and meeting their individual needs, so they can make successful productive connections to an ever-changing world.

9 Who am I?

10  My Email Address is  The best way to contact me is through email.  Also check my website for links, homework and information  Follow me on twitter!  Through the school’s phone number:  281-641-6000 Direct Line: 281-641-6142

11  1 bradded folder  Pencils  Map pencils  Glue stick  Hand pencil sharpener for map pencils  1 box Kleenex (optional)  1 roll of paper towels (optional)  Hand soap (optional)


13 Please  Make sure you have all necessary materials for the class.  Enter the classroom quietly.  Go directly to your assigned seat.  Review the Agenda  Get ready for your work. Thank you!

14 Please  Do the warm-up in your folder.  Immediately start the warm-up that will be written on the board.  When you finish, wait quietly for the next direction. Thank you!

15 Please  Enter quietly  Place the tardy slip my desk  Your tardy slip must have the time you arrived at my class on it  Have a seat and take out your materials Thank you!

16  I will: Ring the bell, this means that everyone in the room must stop what they are doing. › 1 st Clear your hands of any materials › 2 nd Stay still › 3 rd Look directly at me › 4 th Be prepared to listen to what I have to say to you  I’m trying to get your attention  I will begin to speak

17 Please  Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged.  Once I call on you, ask your relevant question.  Wait until I respond to your question before you begin to talk. Thank you! ***I want to hear your questions, but I can only answer one question at a time.

18 Please 2 bathroom passes per six weeks! 10 minutes after, 10 minutes before the bells ring- NO Bathroom Passes will not be given to students who interrupt instruction. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Thank you !

19 Please  Sharpen as you enter the room  During Class › Only one person at a time › raise your pencil indicating that you would like to sharpen  You must wait until AFTER instruction Thank you!

20 Great students ALWAYS follow the rules…

21  Follow our classroom/campus rules, procedures, and guidelines.  Be prepared to learn.  Ask questions!!!! There is no such things as silly questions.  Be courteous and respectful to your fellow classmates.  Bring with you to class everyday your pencil/pen, paper, notebook, and silent reading book.  Be prepared for class.  Use pencil only.  Use lined paper.  Make sure that you have loose leaf paper.

22 On the top right hand side of the paper, please enter the following: First and Last Name Period PeriodDate Title of Assignment Title of Assignment *The center of the paper should obtain the heading of the assignment.

23 Activities Work on unfinished Science assignments  Review vocabulary words  Read a book from our classroom library

24  Is your responsibility to do the home learning everyday assigned!!!  The home learning helps you learn and improve on the lessons we are learning in our class. *** A student will also be issued a ARC if he/she fails to complete Two consecutive home learning assignments.

25  That means that there will be no whining, for ANY reason.  This is a time for you to receive an education that will help you achieve your future goals.  This is, however, a “Learning Zone.” You will be able to learn in a classroom that is caring and respectful.

26 Grading Policy Chapter Tests 50% Chapter Tests 50% Daily Work 40% Daily Work 40% Progressive Work 10% SMS late work policy SMS late work policy Work is due on the due date stated by the teacher. Work turned in after the due date is late. Work is due on the due date stated by the teacher. Work turned in after the due date is late. One Day Late 70% One Day Late 70% Two Days Late 50% Two Days Late 50% Three Days Late zero Three Days Late zero

27  Mrs. Zerbi dismisses you, not the bell  Please, Do not start packing up prior to the end of the class  Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with: “Have a wonderful day”  AFTER you get permission to leave, please push in your chair and leave quietly  Thank you!

28  I look forward toward a productive school year. I know that all of you all possess the gift of learning. I look forward to being your teacher and watching you grow academically in our classroom.  Here’s to an awesome school year!!!  Here’s to an awesome school year!!! A message from Mrs. Zerbi

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