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8 th Grade Science Policies and Procedures 20012-2013 Mrs. Parson.

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1 8 th Grade Science Policies and Procedures 20012-2013 Mrs. Parson

2 General Code of Conduct Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and follow all school rules AT ALL TIMES.

3 Supplies Blue or Black ink pens (no other colors) Pencils Folder – with pockets and brads Notebook paper Science Journal- can be a binder, spiral notebook or composition notebook

4 Supplies Glue sticks- these will be kept in the science room for use when you need them. Paper towels- turned in to Mrs. Parson Scissors- also will be kept in science room for use when you need them Pencil Sharpener

5 Classroom Policies I will be courteous and respectful to my classmates and teachers. If I follow this rule/policy, disruptive behavior should not be a problem. This is the class warning.

6 Classroom Policies Any behavioral offenses will receive one day of lunch d-hall. The next offense will receive two days of lunch d-hall. The third and fourth offenses will result in a counselor’s referral then an office referral.

7 Classroom Policies If you receive a noon detention for behavior, you will have to write a behavior essay during detention that will be turned in to the teacher that assigned you the detention.

8 Classroom Policies Students not IN their seats with all supplies when the tardy bell rings must go to the office for a tardy slip. Once you have entered this room, you must remain in this room until class is dismissed.

9 Policies Cont. Coming to class unprepared- no pen, pencil, notebook paper, homework- will cause your name to be placed on the x-list. ALL makeup work is the responsibility of the student. Absentees should check with their absent buddy or look in the make up work tray at the back of the room.

10 Policies Cont. A zero is not acceptable. I will assign a lunch academic detention until the work is complete and turned in to me. You will sit in your assigned seat. (even if a substitute is here) You will leave your backpack, purse, etc. in your locker.

11 Policies Cont. You will not bring hats, blankets, pillows, etc. into the classroom. You will leave your earphones in your locker. Your cell phone will be turned off in the classroom. If I see or hear your cell phone it will be taken up and turned into the office.

12 Policies Cont. You will not chew gum, eat, or bring drinks into the classroom. You will leave beauty products in your locker. If you see them I will take them up for an indefinite amount of time.

13 Policies Cont. Students may NOT return to their lockers for ANY reason after the bell rings. Each student will be given a bathroom pass each six weeks. Lost passes cannot be replaced. Trips to the library are not allowed. DON’T ASK!

14 Policies Cont. Upon entering the classroom, students should sit down and begin work on the opening class activity. (Sharpen pencil at this time) Do not get out of your seat without permission.

15 Policies Cont. To ask or answer a question- raise your hand and wait until you are called upon. The bell does not dismiss this class; the teacher does. Do not start “packing up” until the bell rings.

16 Policies Cont. Students unable to stay awake during class will be asked to STAND UP at the back of the room. This is not for punishment, but to keep you from missing the lesson. Students are expected to follow all lab rules and safety procedures.

17 Bathroom Policy At the beginning of each 6 weeks you will receive 1 bathroom/water pass. If you choose you may turn the pass in and get a free trip to the bathroom/water. You will only receive 1 pass per 6 weeks.

18 Bathroom Policy Cont. If you do not use your free pass you may turn it in at the end of the 6 weeks for an “I’m having a bad day ticket.” These tickets can be used to keep your name off of the x-list, for extra points on an assignment (not test), an extra day to complete an assignment (not test), etc.

19 Grading Procedures Daily grades count once; chapter tests count twice. Grades are posted at the back of the classroom-check this list regularly to find out your current average and missing work. A failed daily assignment can be redone for a 70-check with me.

20 Grading Procedures Each student receives a participation/conduct grade each six weeks. This grade is determined by the x-list, and is counted twice. Extra credit is available if needed - ASK ME!

21 Science Journals In one of the folders with brads or binder you will need to insert loose leaf paper and this can serve as your journal. After each class you will put your journal on the back bookcase. If you leave your folder out your name WILL be put on the x- list.

22 X-List If you are assigned a detention for behavior or academic (no homework, didn’t finish work) then your name will be placed on the x-list. This list is used to keep track of the number of detentions each student receives in a given 6 weeks.

23 Rewards! At the end of each 6 weeks if your name was not placed on the x-list you will get candy or other specified treat.


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