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Mrs. Bryan’s Algebra 2 Class

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1 Mrs. Bryan’s Algebra 2 Class

2 Recommended Supplies 3-ring binder (at least 1”) College ruled loose leaf paper Pencils Good erasers Composition Book Datebook/Planner

3 Additional Supplies If your last begins with…, bring one package of… A-B, Dry Eraser C-D, Copy Paper E-F, Kleenex G-I, AAA batteries J-K, Graph Paper L-N, Dry Erase Markers O-Q, Paper Towels R, Disinfecting Wipes, S, Colored Copy Paper T-V, Index Cards W-Z, College Ruled Loose leaf Paper


5 Guidelines Bring all materials and books to class and take them with you when you leave. Follow directions the first time they are given. Treat others with respect and dignity. Follow procedures and policies as outlined in handbook. No food or drink in classroom. Prepare Yourself Act Responsibly Work Together Safety First

6 Guideline Infractions Warning Steps Disciplinary Referral Major Infractions: Immediate Disciplinary Referral

7 Blue Jeans & I.D.’s No Jeans Not following dress code Steps Breaking classroom rules or guidelines Not turning in homework Absence or Tardy Not returning papers in 3 days No I.D. I.D.’s No badge—end of breakfast or lunch line Random uniform & I.D. checks will be performed

8 Morning Routine Enter quietly. Make your lunch choice. Check for makeup work if you have been absent. Prepare materials for class. Check appropriate tray for returned material. Place materials to be turned in on Friday in the appropriate tray. Work quietly or read AR until tardy bell. When bell rings, listen attentively to announcements and work on assignment on board.

9 During Class When I am at the front of the room, give your undivided attention. When others are speaking, give your undivided attention. Raise your hand to ask permission to get out of your seat and do not ask during teaching time. Make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion or lesson. If you have a question that is off topic, write it down and ask it later. Restroom breaks are not allowed during teaching time unless it is an emergency. Use the breaks wisely. During cooperative work, ask three then ask me.

10 What if I finish early??? Stay quiet and do not disturb others. Read AR Book. Complete other assignments. You may not leave the room to go get other work. Grab a magazine or puzzle off back shelf.

11 At the End of Class The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. Clear all materials and trash out of your desk and put any classroom materials away. Gather your belongings and wait quietly until you are dismissed.

12 Learning Logs Graded once or twice per week Use for notes, questions, definitions, examples, exit quizzes Take home to study for unit test (approximately every 3-5 weeks)

13 Grading Policies Homework 25 points weekly Quizzes 50 points Tests 100 points Conduct Grade 50 points New Grading Scale: 100-93A 92-85B 84-75C 74-67D 66 ↓F Athletes: must maintain a “C” average and pass 6 out of 7 classes

14 Homework Policies Headings: AND—Assignment, Name, Date Write neatly and box in answers No “squigglies” from notebook paper Homework without the proper headings and format will be given a zero for that assignment. All homework for week due on Friday at the beginning of class. Late homework receives a 10 point deduction. Assignment Sheets on board and website. Homework Pass—1 per grading period Pink Slip—to be completed when you do not have homework for whatever reasons

15 After Absence Check assignment sheet for missing assignments. Check the makeup folder for handouts. Sign the makeup work sheet in folder. You have 3 days to complete assignments including tests. You may complete makeup tests & quizzes before school, during lunch, recess, or 7 th period, or after school. It is your responsibility to make arrangements outside of class. No makeups completed while I am teaching.

16 Emergency Procedures Tornado Watch/Warning Fire Lockdown

17 QUESTIONS??????

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