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Are you ready to learn about the exciting history of our GREAT COUNTRY?

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2 Are you ready to learn about the exciting history of our GREAT COUNTRY?

3 Proud To Be An American By: Beyonce

4  Notebook/Binder  Spiral notebook – 70 page  3 X 5 Index cards  Blue or Black pens  #2 pencils  Red grading pens  Map colors  Glue sticks  Anti-bacterial gel or tissues

5 BE RESPECTFUL Do not talk or make noise while others are speaking. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. NO teasing, bullying or bad language. The teacher dismisses class, not the bell.

6 BE PREPARED Arrive on time with necessary supplies including pen, pencil, and AR book.

7 BE ON TASK Be in your seat when tardy bell rings. Start warm-up. Listen and participate in the learning process.

8 BE POSITIVE We want to celebrate achievements and successes. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” … Winston Churchill

9 2. Tardies will result in lunch detention being assigned. 3. During class, you must have a pass to be in the hallways. 4. ABSOLUTELY NO GUM IS ALLOWED!!! 5. Cell phones must be turned off, put away and accessed only for instructional purposes. 6. All students must adhere to the dress code as stated in the student handbook. 1. Students must have a pass to go to teachers’ rooms in the morning before school.



12 Clean Slate  Be respectful  Be responsible  Be successful

13 Bring back PARENT LETTER signed for a FREE 100 in the grade book!!


15 How do I enter and exit the classroom? Students should enter the room in a quiet and orderly manner. Class BEGINS when you enter the classroom. You should take your seat and begin working. Students should leave the classroom in the same quiet and orderly way. The bell does NOT dismiss the class, the teacher does.

16 What are “History Warm-ups”? Each day, Monday through Friday, on the overhead will be a warm-up question. You are to copy the question and then write the correct answer in your “Warm-Ups” Spiral each day. We will GRADE Warm-Ups on Fridays.

17 What do I do if class is interrupted? When a visitor, teacher or principal comes into the class, students are to continue working on their assignments or sit quietly and wait. Students should NOT interrupt or cause disruptions during this time.

18 May I leave to go to the restroom? Please take advantage of passing periods to use the restroom or get a drink of water. If there is an emergency and you must leave the classroom, take the yellow pass. Please do not disrupt teaching or disturb other students while leaving or re-entering the classroom.

19 Where do I turn in assignments? Assignments to be turned in are placed in the blue trays on shelves at the side of the room. Each class period has its own tray.

20 Grading Papers When exchanging papers to grade, please pass the paper to the person in front of you or behind you. This should be done without talking or disruption.

21 When should I sharpen my pencil? Students should sharpen their pencils as SOON AS THEY ENTER the classroom. Students will NOT be allowed to sharpen pencils any time the teacher is speaking!! Always have an extra pen or pencil with you!

22 How will I know what we are going to do each day? On the overhead screen, the daily class room assignment will be posted below the Warm-Up question. After completing the Warm-Up, please get out your materials and begin the assignment. The homework assignment will be listed under the class room assignment.

23 What do I do if I am absent? 1.Write down the assignment from the days you were absent. Use the yellow assignment calendar on the bulletin board. 2.Look in the CLASSWORK AND ASSIGNMENTS file. Each day of the week has its own file; worksheets from that day are in the file. 3.You have ONE day for EACH day you are absent to turn in missing work. Come in before school to complete the following:

24 What do I do if I have late work? Late assignments should be turned in to the “Late Work” tray at the side of the room.

25 What should I do if I need help? Students should raise their hand and wait for the teacher’s response. Students are NOT to call out or yell “Miss” when they want the teacher’s attention.

26 Where do I put my US History Notebook? Each student will have a separate notebook for US History. Students will neatly place their notebooks on the appropriate shelf for their class period.

27 How can my family and I be kept informed about U.S. History class? You can go online to, click on Teacher web pages and see lesson plans, calendars, and other useful information.pages



30 Do I have everything I need? Pen or pencil, grading pen and spiral?

31 How should I keep up with my homework assignments? Each student will have a folder with pockets to be used for his “Homework Folder”. Students take home the “Homework Folder” each night.

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