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Policies & Procedures Mrs. Gales’ Class.

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1 Policies & Procedures Mrs. Gales’ Class

2 Classroom Rules Follow Directions
Be seated & have materials ready when the tardy bell rings Be Respectful Be attentive No Swearing or Teasing Be prepared

3 Rewards Praises Positive phone call / email Goodies Positive note home

4 *** All severe behavior reports immediately to the office.
Consequences 1st = Warning 2nd = Behavior Journal/Writing Assignment 3rd = Call home/ 4th = Office visit *** All severe behavior reports immediately to the office.

5 Materials Bring all materials to class daily Textbook Writing utensil
Composition Notebook Paper Science 3 ring binder Positive learning attitude

Daily Routines Come in quietly and sit down Check boards for any announcements or notices. Copy assignments and upcoming test dates into agenda Start assignments. BEGIN IMMEDIATELY-DO NOT WAIT FOR TARDY BELL TO RING!

7 Procedures Sharpen pencil before class
if lead breaks you may get up to sharpen it if I’m not giving instructions; otherwise raise your hand for permission. I will raise my hand to get your attention and to quiet the room. When you see me raise my hand you immediately stop talking and raise yours too.

8 Restroom There are 4 minutes in between classes
Please try to go then so that you don’t miss important information. I will decide emergencies on a case by case basis. However you MUST have your agenda to be granted permission to leave my class.

9 Homework You will have homework almost every evening.
Assignments are usually small enough to complete in class, but some will require time at home to complete. Please be responsible with your grade If you have a zero HW grade you must sign the no homework log with an excuse to keep on record.

10 Makeup Work After a Absence
Check with a classmate for your daily assignment & write it in your agenda book. Check make up folder box for worksheets. Turn in all work taken up the previous day. Test & computer activities can be made up during P.E., study hall, or activity classes Please get a note from me to give to your gym/activity teacher before you leave my class.

11 Finish Work Early Work on Homework Finish another classroom assignment
Read a book or magazine

12 Extra Credit 5 Bonus points are offered for most tests for making flashcards (at least 10) Most missing assignments can be made up for a late grade of 50 Extra Credit reports (for up to 15 points added to a low test grade) are available to write anytime

13 Dismissal You are dismissed by the teacher not the bell
Clean the area around your desk before you leave & exit in a quiet and orderly manner

14 Practice & Review Create a flow map to explain what your daily routines are in class. Use a bubble map to describe extra credit work example example

15 Quiz time! What are some of my positive rewards?
Answer the following questions. What are some of my positive rewards? What is your consequence if you get in trouble a second time in class? List at least 2 materials you should have in class everyday. What should you do when I raise my hand?

16 Quiz time! Where will you find your make-up worksheets?
When should tests be made up? List one thing you can do if you finish your work early? How can you earn 5 bonus points on test?

17 Completing the Assignment -one last thing…
If there is enough time, complete this assignment in class If not, it must be completed for homework All assignments in my class will follow this same rule, every assignment- every time “If it is not done in class, it must be done for homework.”

18 Don’t be afraid to ask questions
WELCOME to SCIENCE! This is your classroom Stay positive Set Goals Don’t be afraid to ask questions HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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