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Classroom Expectations and Procedures Introduction to 8A Language Arts Mrs. Hamilton.

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1 Classroom Expectations and Procedures Introduction to 8A Language Arts Mrs. Hamilton

2 Student Behaviors Be prompt  Be ready to learn when class begins. Be prepared  Have materials with you and know due dates. Be a polite and positive participant  Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.  Use appropriate speech. Be productive  Turn in work on time, and always do your best. Be a problem solver  Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate. Abide by all rules listed in the Creekland Agenda

3 Show Respect Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice your best behavior. Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Offer to help. Be responsible with property and belongings.

4 Responsibility for Coursework Bring binder, notebook, agenda, paper, pencil, pens, and reading material to class. Know due dates, and submit all coursework on time.

5 Classroom Procedures Entering the classroom 1.Go to your assigned seat. (Do not change seats without permission.) 2.Get your materials organized. 3.Agenda information is located on the right hand side of the board. Write down the LEQ, CWK, and HWK. 4.Begin the warm up exercise Tardy 1.Sign in (the Tardy folder is located on the bookshelf) 2.You may have one “freebie” 3.After your “freebie”, you will lose agenda points each time you are tardy.

6 Coming to Attention: When I need to quiet our class, I will do the following: Say to the class, “Raise your hand if you can hear me.” When you hear that, you must:  Raise your hand  Put your eyes on speaker  Be Quiet  Be still  Listen Exiting the Language Arts Classroom: When the bell rings, that is not a signal for you to get up and leave the classroom. You must wait until I dismiss the class. When I dismiss the class, please quietly gather your things and push in your chair; check the area around you for trash and throw any trash away, and walk out the door.

7 Required Materials 1.Binder with paper divided into 3 sections: notes, handouts, tests/quizzes 2.Pencil, blue or black pen, and red grading pen 3.Rule book (spiral bound 3 subject notebook) 4.Reading material 5.You will receive 1 “freebie” for not having appropriate materials. 6.After your “freebie”, you will lose points in your agenda for being unprepared.

8 Turning in assignments 1.Daily assignments, tests, and quizzes will be turned into the appropriate class bin labeled “Turn in” 2.Late assignments will be turned into the “late” bin. (Be sure to write LATE and the date at the top of your paper.) 3.Late assignments are taken with a 10 point penalty for each late day. 4.Repeatedly late or unfinished assignments will result in working lunches, detentions, or in- team

9 Absences 1.Check the binder in the front of the room labeled Make-up folder for any missed handouts, warm ups, and agenda information. 2.When you turn in a missed assignments, label them ABSENT at the top and turn them in to me personally. 3.If you miss a test or quiz, see me before or after class to schedule a time to take the test during literacy.

10 Courtesy Procedures 1.Pencils may be sharpened before class, after class, during individual/group work time—Keep 2 on hand in case one breaks. 2.Trash may be thrown away before class, after class, during individual/group work time. 3.Tissues are provided on the bookshelf for your use. However, if you have a cold or other medical issues requiring several tissues, please take several to keep at your desk. 4.Band-aids are kept in the “Boo Boo” Box located on the bookshelf for your use. 5.If you need a band-aid, take one during an acceptable time (before class, after class, during individual/group work time) 6.ONLY 1 person may be out of his/her seat at a time.

11 Instructional Procedures When I am teaching: 1.Listen actively. 2.Raise your hand with questions or responses. 3.No side conversation with peers or off-topic comments. 4.Do not leave your seat. Individual Work: 1.No talking. 2.Raise your hand with questions or concerns. 3.Complete the work given. 4.During this time, you may sharpen pencils, throw away trash, etc.

12 Group Work: 1.Speak softly and on topic. 2.One person from the group may sharpen pencils and throw away trash if no other student is up and about. 3.If you need assistance, place the red side of your laminated group card up 4.Leave the green side of the laminated card facing up if all is well Daily Warm ups: 1.NO talking 2.Complete warm up. The task will usually be on the screen at the front of the room. 3.Complete these in your spiral bound notebook 4.You may sharpen pencils, throw away trash, or move about one at a time until the timer goes off. 5.We will review the warm up once the timer beeps.

13 Test and Quizzes 1.No talking 2.Raise your hand with questions or concerns 3.No one may leave their seat except to turn in completed papers.. 4.Read your book when finished or work on assigned activity. Writing Workshops 1.No talking. 2.You may sharpen pencils, throw trash away, etc. if no other student is up. 3.Prewriting/Drafting must be done in pencil. 4.Final writing copies should be complete in BLUE/BLACK ink only. Classwork/Homework: 1. All classwork and homework must be completed in pencil unless it is a final copy for a writing assignment.

14 Before you turn it in, your paper should have the following items: 1.Your name (first, last), date, and class period should be in the top right hand corner. 2.Failing to use the appropriate header for your papers will result in a 10 point deduction off your final grade. Autumn Hamilton 08/04/2009 1 st period ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

15 My Pledge to Students I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will work with you to meet learning goals. I will offer extra help should you require them.

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