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Bell Work Read Mrs. Hocutt’s letter to students (this should be on your desk) Read the directions for writing your letter to Mrs. Hocutt. BE SURE TO PAY.

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1 Bell Work Read Mrs. Hocutt’s letter to students (this should be on your desk) Read the directions for writing your letter to Mrs. Hocutt. BE SURE TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO WHAT SHOULD BE IN EACH PARAGRPH. Write a letter back to me. Be sure to use the same format that I used in my letter and to include everything that is required. UNFINISHED LETTERS WILL BE HOMEWORK!

2 Mrs. Alecia Hocutt Welcome to 7 th Grade Language Arts!

3 What are we going to do today Get new schedules (1 st block only) Go over procedures for class Review a portion of the handbook Take home a letter to parents


5 What do you think? As you answer the following questions, think about what your expectations would be if you were a teacher in a classroom. Answer these 3 questions on your index card- work with your partner! 1. What rules(s) help promote a positive classroom environment? 2. What makes a classroom enjoyable? 3. What must you do to have a successful year in LA? YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES!

6 As Class Begins

7 Procedures Leave your backpacks in your locker or outside the door!

8 Entering the classroom Entering class-class begins as soon as you walk in…The bell does not begin class! When you enter class, you will go straight to your assigned seat and copy the homework and complete your bell work. If you don’t have a planner to copy your assignments, then write them down in your binder. Bell work will be completed in your black and white composition book unless otherwise instructed. It will be on the board or Interwrite board. Class helpers will be expected to be the first to class. You will be asked to pass out papers, writing folders, and any additional supplies that we may need for class.

9 Supplies

10 supplies Please have the following items with you in class every day: 3 ring binder Set of dividers (3 tabs) Pens, pencils, highlighters Loose leaf paper Handheld pencil sharpener** **do not leave pencil shavings on my floor Planner, Bell work Composition Notebook (usually kept in class and passed out by helpers) Things you will need as required: 3 pocket Writing Folder (we will keep this in class usually) Sheet Protectors AR Book /Reader’s Choice Book

11 Teacher wish list Manilla folders Tissue Hand sanitizer Old magazines (school appropriate)

12 Movement issues

13 movement Sharpening pencils/trash disposal You will have time to sharpen your pencils at the beginning of class before the bell rings for class. No more than 2 people at the pencil sharpener at a time. DO NOT SHARPEN PENCILS AFTER I START TALKING! If you have trash, do not throw it away during the lesson. Keep it at your seat and throw it away at the end of class. Handing in papers Turn in all papers in the trays that are hung on the wall. Late work or make-up work needs to placed in the make-up work tray for your period. *Be sure to place it in the correct block. DO NOT hand me papers or place them on my desk as you come into class or EVER!

14 When you are absent

15 Make up work Check make-up folder to see what you have missed. (each folder will have your block on it)-need a helper to write absentee assignment sheet If you have any questions about the missed assignments, either speak with me before or after class or e-mail me at You have the days you were absent + 1 to complete the missed assignments.

16 Daily work procedures

17 Daily work Individual work/group work All work should be done individually unless you are instructed to work with another student or group work. We will discuss procedures for group work- these will be VERY IMPORTANT! Letting someone “see” your homework from the previous night will be considered cheating.  Finishing work early If you finish work early, you will be expected to read silently or work on your homework assignments. Late work You need to complete any late work to avoid a “0”. You will be deducted 10 for each day that it is late. You may come in before school for help or extra time.

18 Restroom & locker breaks

19 Break time! Restroom and Locker Breaks You will be expected to use the restroom and go to your locker before the bell rings and between classes as needed. With 5 minutes between classes, there should be no need for anyone to have an “emergency” restroom need during class time. “I left it in my locker” will never be an acceptable excuse in this class. ***Because we all have bad days, I will give you ONE bathroom pass and ONE hall pass per nine weeks. These will each be worth 5 points on your lowest test grade(s) if they are not used throughout the nine weeks.- I keep up with who uses their passes!

20 End of class

21 Class dismissal Although the bell will ring at the end of each block period, I will be the one to dismiss you. One of my pet peeves is when students pack up before the bell so don’t do it! Pick up all paper and other stuff under and around your desk and throw it away on your way out of the classroom.

22 Online Resources

23 You are expected to check my website every day. You are expected to access any and all resources I post to my website and use them to prepare or review for future classes. You can access our textbook online. Website, Edmodo, and Online Textbook

24 Odds and ends

25 And finally Fire Drill, Tornado drill, etc. In the event of a drill, you will immediately line up in a single file line and silently follow me down the hall to the appropriate location. The last one out of the room will turn off the lights and close the door. Gum/Food/Candy No eating in class. Period. I do not mind water bottles as long as they are closed tightly and do not become a problem. NO OTHER DRINK IS ACCEPTABLE- EVEN COLORED WATER. Talking/Stop Talking When I raise my hand or ring my bell that is your signal to stop talking. Consequences (ugh!) You will receive one verbal warning, and then you will receive a demerit. It must be signed and returned within 3 days or you will receive an office referral.

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