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Classroom Procedures for Room 152

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1 Classroom Procedures for Room 152
Señora K. Corman

2 Attention getting signal
The signal is one hand in the air and the other hand with one finger on the lips (the “shh” sign) When given the signal, students will: Freeze Look at the teacher Listen to what the teacher is saying We need 100% cooperation every time to be successful.

3 Entering the classroom
When entering the classroom, do the following: Enter quietly, find your seat. Start the bell ringer on the board/projector. Do this without talking. You may sharpen your pencil, if necessary, before starting the bell ringer.

4 Passing out/Collecting papers
When materials are passed out students will: Take one for themselves. Pass the rest to the next person. Speak in a quiet voice, only when necessary. When papers are collected, students will: Place their paper on top of the other papers. Make sure their name is on the paper. Pass the papers to the front of the row for collection.

5 In-seat Transitions When you are asked to clear your desks for a new activity, you will: Put away materials. Stay seated. Do this without talking. Get ready for the new activity (take out new materials) Stay seated Do this without talking

6 Out-of-seat Transitions
Occasionally, you will be asked to move from your seat to do activities. When you are asked to do so, I expect the following: Stay seated until told to move No talking Stand up, quietly move to the new location after the signal Follow directions, move directly to new location.

7 Emergency Drills When there is an emergency drill, students will file out the door and out into the parking lot. There is no talking during the drill-school rule. Violation could result in detention. I will be the last person out, closing the door. I will assign one person to be in charge of the room number packet, all students will line up behind this person in the parking lot and wait patiently without talking.

8 End of the period When it is time for the period to end, I will let you know when you are permitted to leave. I will occasionally allow time at the end of the period for class work or homework, but it must be done quietly. This is a perfect time to ask questions or clarify points.

9 Classroom Policies for Room 152
Señora K. Corman

10 Classroom Rules Follow directions.
Bring appropriate materials to class Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. No eating in the classroom, unless provided by the teacher. No leaving the classroom without permission All other school rules apply for the classroom

11 Consequences of breaking rules
First time. Reminder of rule. (Warning) Second time. Think sheet, taken home for parents to sign. Third time. Call home to parents. If a rule is continually broken, a detention will be scheduled. If a student is defiant or malicious, he or she will be sent to the principal’s office.

12 Materials to bring to class
You are required to bring your materials to class. This includes, but is not limited to: notebook pencil book (8th grade) 3 ring binder with handouts Dictionary (Spanish-English) (optional) Projects/homework to hand-in Classroom rule consequences apply

13 Making up missed work due to absence
If you are sick at home, you are required to check my website for all of the assignments. See me if there are handouts that you need. No internet, see me the following day for the assignments or “phone a friend”. If you are at a school event (field trip) and there is material you are missing, you are required to turn in the assignment the day it is due or before. If you are absent the day an assignment is given, you must hand it in the following day. School wires (my website) and Scoodle have most of the materials needed for assignments.

14 Use of classroom materials
I will let you know which materials you may use, and those you may not. Don’t borrow tape, staples, etc. from the teacher’s desk without asking. Dictionaries and other textual materials may be used and borrowed, but must be signed out.

15 Restroom visits/Fountain visits
If at all possible, try to do this on your way to my class. Disruptions during class will not be tolerated. Only one student may leave at a time to use the facilities. Use the closest restroom. Use the sign out sheet with all information filled out. Name, time in, and time out.

16 Late or missing assignments
Students should write all assignments in their handbook to avoid late or missing assignments. Any assignment turned in late receives a lower grade than it would have been given if turned in on time. Any assignment more than one week late will not be accepted. Parent contact will be made if more than three assignments are not turned in or are turned in late.

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