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Charles I Inherits the Throne

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1 Charles I Inherits the Throne
*Son of James I *Opposed Puritans *Divine Right *Marries a Catholic – sister of France’s King Louis XIII

2 Charles I Inherited Problems – religious and political
Wasn’t personable Spent great deal on arts Always needed $ Married a Roman Catholic Involved in bad wars w/ Spain & France Bypassed Parliament & raised own $ Parliament said “you get money for war, we get Petition of Right”

3 Leading up to War Purpose – limit Charles Power in 4 ways
Can’t collect taxes w/o consent of Parliament King can not imprison anyone w/o just cause Troops not housed in a private home Can’t declare martial law unless country at war Petition Failed to Limit Power Charles dissolved Parliament All of these actions lead to war

4 England’s Civil War Caused over conflict between Parliament and Charles about definitions of powers of the monarchy & Parliament’s authority More specifically, Puritans vs. Charles and Royalists (pro-monarch) Also known as Roundheads vs. Cavaliers Roundheads, under leadership of Cromwell win Charles goes to Parliament to arrest opposition leaders = no compromise Cromwell led Roundheads Removed opponents from Parliament

5 Events of the Civil War 1/27/1649 Charles I executed for high treason- “the season is so sharp as probably may make me shake, which some observers may imagine proceeds from fear. I have no such imputation” 2/7/1649 Office of King was formally abolished Set up republic, then later military rule

6 Charles I Questions Why did Charles’ actions (requiring loans to the government, jailing opponents, quartering troops, and declaring martial law) anger the English so much? After all, he was their king! Even though Charles ignored the Petition of Right, why was it so important? What really led to Charles’ downfall? Why is Oliver Cromwell such an important figure in English history?

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