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Parliament Limits the English Monarchy

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1 Parliament Limits the English Monarchy

2 James I (King James Stuart of Scotland)
#1) What problems did James I have as leader of England? Struggles w/Parliament over $$$ Conflict w/Puritans who wanted reforms

3 Charles I Fights Parliament
Son of James I 1628 – called Parliament in order to get $ - had to sign Petition of Right #2) What did the Petition of Right declare? Not imprison subjects w/out cause Not levy taxes w/out Par.’s consent Not house soldiers in private homes Not impose martial law in peacetime

4 Charles I Fights Parliament
#3) After agreeing to the petition, what did Charles do and WHY? What about Parliament? Charles ignored the petition He dissolved Parliament Imposed fees & fines on English people to get $

5 Conflict Between Kingdoms
#4) What happened in 1637 causing Charles to need money? He tried to force the Presbyterian Scots to accept Anglican prayer book - Wanted both kingdoms to follow one religion Scots rebelled Charles forced to call Parliament into session #5) What major conflict occurred between supporters and opponents of Charles I? English Civil War

6 English Civil War #6) Those who were loyal to Charles were known as….
Royalists or Cavaliers The Puritans who opposed Charles were known as… Roundheads #7) Who was the Puritan general who helped defeat the king? Oliver Cromwell – New Model Army


8 Oliver Cromwell’s England
Charles on trial – found guilty of treason – sentenced to death #8) What type of gov’t did he establish? Established a commonwealth = republican form of gov’t Drafted first written constitution (later torn up and Cromwell became military dictator)

9 The Puritans #9) Describe Puritan morality.
Abolished sinful activities (theater, sports, dancing) Religious toleration for all Christians EXCEPT Catholics

10 Charles II #10) The period of rule in which Charles II restored the monarchy is known as…. Restoration #11) What does habeas corpus mean? What did it give every prisoner the right to do? Latin = “to have the body” Right to obtain writ ordering that he be brought before judge to specify charges Monarch can’t just throw anyone in jail Prisoners could not be held indefinitely w/out trial

11 "I have always said the first Whig was the Devil" (Samuel Johnson).
James II #12) Who were the Whigs? Those who opposed James II (non-Catholic) Who were the Tories? Those who supported James II (Catholic) His daughter Mary was Protestant – married to William of Orange (prince in Netherlands) "I have always said the first Whig was the Devil" (Samuel Johnson). "Wit and fool are consequents of Whig and Tory; and every man is a knave or an ass to the contrary side" (Dryden).

12 Glorious Revolution of 1688
#13) What was the purpose of the Glorious Revolution of 1688? Parliament asked Mary & Will to overthrow James II – James fled England Bloodless overthrow #14) Who became the rulers of England after the Glorious Revolution? William of Orange & Mary

13 A New Type of Monarchy #15) Define constitutional monarchy.
Laws limit the ruler’s power #16) What did the Bill of Rights of 1689 state a ruler could NOT do? NO suspending of Parliament’s laws NO levying of taxes w/out grant from Parliament NO interfering w/freedom of speech in Parliament NO penalty for citizen who petitions the king

14 Group of gov’t ministers, or officials
#17) What was the cabinet? Group of gov’t ministers, or officials Acted in ruler’s name but represented the major party of Parliament #18) What is the leader of the majority party in Parliament that heads the cabinet known as today? Prime Minister Extra Question: Who is England’s current Prime Minister? David Cameron (as of May 2010) Sir Robert Walpole

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