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  Get into your groups and pass your document to Adam… Bell Ringer.

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1   Get into your groups and pass your document to Adam… Bell Ringer

2 “Hate it or love it the underdog's on top And I'm gonna shine homie until my heart stop” - King James I

3   What was the goal of the monarch?  To free themselves from any restrictions that nobility or parliament would place on them.  Why do you think the Monarch clashes with Parliament in England??? Monarchs clash with Parliament

4   Elizabeth had no children…  James Stuart – Cousin, King of Scotland.  1603 – King James I of England  England and Scotland were not united until 1707, they now shared a ruler. Monarchs clash with Parliament

5  King James I

6   Inherited Issues:  - How much power does parliament have in governing?  James believed he had absolute authority and was not able to flatter parliament like Elizabeth. James’s Problem

7   Parliament:  - Reluctant to pay for his royal court and foreign wars  - James offended the Puritans of the Parliament  James= Calvinist  Puritans = expected James to make reforms to the church.  James = hated to be told what to do, did nothing except translate a bible. James’s Problem

8   1625 – James I died  Son – Charles I took the throne  Always in need of money…  Why???  War with Spain and France  When Parliament refused to give money he dissolved it. Charles I fights Parliament

9  King Charles I

10   1628 – Charles called Parliament for more money.  They refused to sign it until he signed the Petition of Right. Charles I fights Parliament

11   Four points:  Not imprison subjects without due cause.  Not levy taxes without Parliament’s consent.  Not house soldiers in private homes.  Not impose martial law in peacetime.  See any similarities in our constitution? Petition of Right

12   1642:  Charles tried to arrest members of parliament.  - Tried to force a prayer book on Scotland.  Scots rebelled and he needed money.  Parliament opposed him. English Civil War

13   Explain the Thirty years war.  Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II closed Protestant churches in Bohemia. Protestants revolted which led to an eventual war.  A conflict over religion, over territory, and for power among European ruling families.  2 phases:  Hapsburg triumphs  Hapsburg defeats Bell Ringer

14  English Civil War Royalist or CavaliersRoundheads

15   Both sides could not get an upper hand.  Puritans found victory in Oliver Cromwell.  Cromwell’s forces defeated the Cavaliers and imprisoned the king.  1649 – Charles I was put on a trial for treason and put to death.  - How do you think he died? English Civil War

16   Why would it be a big deal that Charles I was put to death publicly?  Kings had been overthrown.  - Killed in battle  - Assassinated  - Put to death silently  No king had ever faced a public trial and public death. Charles I death

17   1649: Abolished the Monarchy and House of Lords.  -Invaded Ireland killing an est. 616,000.  - Established a commonwealth: Republic  1653: sent home Parliament  Created a constitution (first of the Modern European states) Cromwell’s Rule

18   Eventually tore up the document and ruled as a military dictator.  Abolished theater and other activities – Sinful.  Favored Religious toleration and welcomed back Jews (expelled 1290)  Except for Catholics. Cromwell’s Rule

19   Died 1658  People tired of military rule  Elect a new parliament  Parliament ask Charles II (son of Charles I) to rule. Cromwell’s Death

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