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Textile Fabrics & Finishes

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1 Textile Fabrics & Finishes

2 Fabric Design & Construction
2 major forms of fabric designs Structural design Building in texture or interest into fabrics Weaving & knitting Applied design Adding color

3 Fabric Design & Construction
Weaving (def) – the procedure of interlacing two sets of yarns at right angles to each other Warp – lengthwise (up and down) Weft (or filling) – crosswise (side to side over and under the warp yarns) Selvage (def) – will not ravel – turns at edge to go back the other way Grain – direction of yarn in fabric Bias grain – diagonal True Bias – 45-degree angle

4 Types of Weaves 3 basic weave types:
Plain Simplest & most common Variation – basket weave denier Think of a tennis racket – lengthwise and crosswise pass over and under each other Twill – a yarn in one direction “floats” over two or more yarns in the other direction – dominant yarn is seen on the surface of the cloth creating a diagonal rib pattern Satin – long yarn floats on the surface in one direction – go over 4 or more yarns and under one – creates shiny fabric surface Variations of 3 weave types can create: Stripes, checks, plaids, and other patterns

5 Variation Terms Jacquard loom Pile fabrics Nap
Machine that weaves large, complex designs Pile fabrics Have loops projecting from surface Terry cloth Nap Raised from the surface

6 Knitting (def) Looping yarns together Gauge
# of stitches, or loops, per inch Sportswear, sweaters (natural flexibility and built in stretch to fit the body comfortably) Types Tube form Flat knitted fabrics Page Characteristics

7 Knitting Single knit – single needle Double knit – 2 needles
Formal wear, lingerie, & T-shirts Double knit – 2 needles Dresses, slacks, suits, & coats Purl Knits – crosswise ridges – reversible Waistbands, neckbands, cuffs Sweater knits – loosely knitted Textured knits Permanently crimped, coiled, curled, or looped

8 Knitting Warp Knits Tricot Raschel knits Fastest way Stable, durable
Most familiar warp knit Does not run or ravel Clingy dresses, shirts, & lingerie Raschel knits Limited stretch, lots of texture

9 Nonwoven fabrics (def) made from a compact web of fibers, not yarns, held together with a combination of moisture, heat, chemicals, friction, and/or pressure. Compact web Use Moisture, heat, chemicals No grain line Disposable Collars & cuffs Vinyl Artificial suedes

10 Other Construction Methods
Laces and Nets Braided Fabrics Also called plaiting Shoelaces, trims Bonded Fabrics Fusible web Iron on patches Quilted Fabrics

11 Fabric Finishing Apply colors, designs, surface treatments Converters
Greige to finished fabrics Bleaching Dyeing Printing Adding finishes

12 Bleaching Chemicals Remove natural coloring Remove impurities
Oils, waxes, Fade products Stone wash

13 Dyeing Giving color to textiles Colorfast Not fade or change
Can launder, dry cleaning, sunlight, perspiration, rubbing

14 Dyeing Fiber Yarn Before spun into yarn
Natural – stock-dyed or bale-dyed Manufactures Solution-dyed Yarn Before wound onto spoils Stripes, checks, plaids

15 Dyeing Piece Dyeing Garment After woven or knitted
Least expensive, fastest Garment Usually knitted Dyed with requested color and immediately shipped

16 Printing Colors, designs, patterns to surface of garment
Overall prints Across all the fabric Directional prints Border prints Even or balanced plaids Ex. checks

17 Printing Uneven plaids Several basic methods Roller Printing
Screen Printing Rotary printing – combo of roller & screen Heat transfer Ink-Jet Printing – cheaper Flocking – with adhesive

18 Finishes Wearing advantages Temporary Renewable Ease of care
Page 127 – fabric finishes Most are permanent Durable Temporary Last until washed Renewable Can be replaced

19 Finishes Many types but all fall into 2 categories Mechanical Chemical
Affects sizes and appearances Ex. Pre-shrunk Pressing & pounding – flat harder surface Chemical Mercerization Ex. Crease-resistant, stain resistant Permanent press Resist wrinklet


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