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1.02 Understanding The Technical Design Process

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1 1.02 Understanding The Technical Design Process
B. Fabric Selection 1. Fabric Construction

2 Turning Yarn into Fabric
Weaving: The process of interlacing one or more sets of yarns at right angles on a loom. Warp yarns: Yarns that run lengthwise in woven fabric. Weft yarns: Yarns that run crosswise in woven fabric. Show example of selvage edge in relation to ward and weft

3 Turning Yarn into Fabric (cont.)
Grain: The direction of the lengthwise and crosswise yarns or threads in a woven fabric. Bias: The diagonal grain of a fabric. The bias provides the greatest “give” or stretch in the fabric. Use example to show grain and bias.

4 Weaving Plain weave: The simplest weave in which the weft (crosswise) yarn is passed over then under each warp (lengthwise) yarn. A basket weave is one variation, with the weft yarn passing over two and under two warp yarns each pass. Examples: Chiffon, seersucker, taffeta Plain weave Use magnifying glass to examine examples of weaves.

5 Weaving Twill weave: A weave in which the weft yarn is passed over and under one, two, or three warp yarns beginning one warp yarn back on each new row. Used for durability, this weave produces a diagonal design on the surface. Examples: denim, gabardine Twill weave

6 Weaving Satin weave: A weave that produces a smooth, shiny-surfaced fabric resulting from passing the weft yarn over and under numerous warp yarns to create long floats. Examples: sateen, satin Satin weave

7 Weaving Other weaves Pile weave—corduroy, velvet
Dobby—dotted swiss, pique Jacquard—brocade, damask Leno—fabrics with an open, lacy appearance

8 Weaving Assignment Using construction paper cut into strips about 1 inches x 11 inches you should recreate: plain weave twill weave satin weave On the back of each weave: list the advantages list disadvantages 3 examples of weave Describe weaving assignment.

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