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Preparing to Sew! Selecting Patterns, Fabrics, and Notions.

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1 Preparing to Sew! Selecting Patterns, Fabrics, and Notions

2 Patterns Before choosing a pattern: – What is your experience level? – How much time do you have? – Where will you sew? – What will you sew?

3 The Pattern Catalog Pattern = a set of tissue pattern pieces and instructions for creating an item from fabric Garments = clothing items that are sketched in the catalog and on the pattern envelope

4 The Pattern Envleope Illustrations are on front. Back view is on back. Look for simple patterns by these names: – Easy – Fast And Easy – Quick and Easy – 6 Made Easy

5 Selecting the Right Size Body measurements Figure type Pattern Size – Multi-sized = Pattern Ease – Wearing ease = – Design ease =

6 Selecting Fabric Pattern recommendations? Sewing Skills? Fabric Quality? Care Instructions

7 Pattern Recommendations Look on back of pattern envelope – Patterns are designed for certain types fabric Firm Drapable Stretch

8 Sewing Skills Beginners – Closely woven – Medium weight – Overall print – Solid color – Stable knit

9 Sewing Skills, cont Experienced – Bulky – Nap – One-way print – Pile – Plaids – Sheer – Slippery – Stripes

10 Fabric Quality Clean On grain – Grain = direction that yarns run in a woven fabric Without defect

11 Care instructions Found on end of bolt Wash Dry clean Iron Flat dry

12 How much to buy See pattern envelope Width = 45” or 60” Extra for stripes, plaids, and piles

13 Your Project Assignment Look through old pattern books and magazines and find a picture of a garment. Cut it out and mount it on the piece of paper provided. Write a description of the types of fabrics that would be suitable and unsuitable for the garment. Use descriptive words…

14 Descriptive names and words to use when writing about fabric…use at least 5 of these words when writing. Woven (closely, loosely) Weight (medium, light, heavy) Bulky Silky Drapable Durable Knit (stretchy) Challis Crepe Sweatshirt knit Fleece Denim Corduroy Velvet (nap) Overall print Plaid Stripes Broadcloth Shiny Textured (fur, appliqués) Chambray Flannel charmeuse

15 Selecting Notions Thread Zippers Snaps Hooks and Eyes Buckles Hook and loop tape Buttons

16 Choosing Tapes and Trims Seam tape Bias tape Hem facing Fold-over braid Ribbing Twill tape Piping Cable cord Belting

17 Choosing Elastics Woven Braided Clear Special-purpose

18 Interfacings Interfacings = placed between outer fabric and facing to prevent stretching of necklines, front closings, and buttonholes Sew-in Fusible Combination

19 Linings A fabric used to finish the inside of a jacket, coat, skirt, dress, or pants

20 Fusible Webs Hold two layers of fabric together Use heat and/or steam to apply Iron

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