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ThePersian War!.

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1 ThePersian War!

2 How Do We Know? Remember, history is what is remembered and written down, along with the bias of the writer. Herodotus - primary source “Father of History” Ionian Greek Eye-witness & interviewed Eye-witnesses Wrote The Persian Wars

3 How Do We Know? “These are the inquiries (the Greek word is ‘histories’) of Herodotus of Halikarnassos, which he sets down so that he can preserve the memory of what these men have done, and ensure that the wondrous achievements of the Greeks and barbarians (the Persians) do not lose their deserved fame, and also to record why we went to war with each other.” Herodotus

4 Persian Empire Expands
Remember the Persians? Conquered the Babylonians… “Freed” the Jews and allowed them to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple to Yahweh Cyrus the Great ---> Jews called him the “Messiah” or God’s “anointed one” Empire ---> largest to date under Darius, from Egypt, Asia Minor to India Satraps & Satrapies

5 Persian Empire Expands

6 Persian War - the Greeks vs. the Persians
People to know… GREEKS PERSIANS -Leonidas -Cyrus the Great -Pericles -Darius* -Themistocles -Xerxes* Key Battles to Know … (there’s 4) B. of Marathon B. of Thermopylae B. of Salamis B. of Plataea

7 The Persian War SO WHAT? Who cares? What’s at stake?

8 Persian Expansion -1st Invasion

9 Ionia & the Ionian Greeks

10 Northern Greece - Thrace & Macedonia


12 2nd Invasion B.C.

13 Battle of Marathon

14 Battle of Marathon

15 Battle of Marathon

16 New Emperor - XERXES Son of Darius Finish what his father started

17 PERSIAN WAR Q.W. Summarize in a paragraph the Persian War so far. Use you notes and your BRAIN!

18 3rd Invasion - Sea and Land

19 3rd Invasion B.C.

20 3rd Invasion - 480 B.C. The Persian Horde

21 Battle of Thermopylae

22 Battle of Thermopylae

23 Battle of Thermopylae

24 Battle of Thermopylae

25 Battle of Thermopylae

26 Battle of Thermopylae

27 Battle of Salamis

28 Battle of Salamis - Naval Battle

29 Battle of Salamis

30 Battle of Salamis

31 Battle of Salamis

32 Battle of Salamis - Greek Victory at Sea

33 Battle of Plataea

34 Battle of Plataea -LAST MAJOR LAND BATTLE
-Who is Victorious? Who has “NIKE”?

35 Persian War - Overview 492 BCE - 1st invasion -Ionia, Macedonia & Thrace, Dardanelles > Persian Empire expands - into Asia Minor & northern Greece Ionia and Ionian Greeks revolt Persia - punish Athens for helping 490 BCE - 2nd invasion B.of Marathon New Emperor - XERXES 480 BCE - 3rd invasion - punish Greece for good B.of Thermopylae B.of Salamis B.of Plataea Aftermath - Athenian expansion & greatness - Delian League*

36 Peloponnesian War

37 Aftermath of the Persian War
Athenian Imperialistic expansion cultural, economic & military power > navy Athens & “allies” -->Delian League “Golden Age” for Athens ----> “Age of Pericles” Sparta and allies -----> Peloponnesian League Outbreak of war Expected to be short

38 Peloponnesian War Conflicts between the two power’s allies - ultimate involvement of Sparta & Athens War’s escalation - no definitive battle - plague - Alcibiades - truce - Sicily - Persians - Defeat & Aftermath

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