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Fighting the Persian Wars

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1 Fighting the Persian Wars
History Alive Chapter 28

2 Fighting the Persian Wars
449 and 474 B.C.E. Athens and Sparta joined forced to fight the Persians.

3 Persian Empire King Darius was a great Persian King.

4 Ionian Revolt Began in 499 B.C.E. Started Greek Persian Wars
Persians conquered Ionia. Ionians had to pay tribute. Ionians could not defeat Persians.

5 Ionian Revolt Ionians asked mainland Greece for help.
The Athenians defeated the Persians in Ionia. After the Athenians left, Persia defeated Ionia and burned a city to the ground.

6 The Battle of Marathon King Darius wanted to take over mainland Greece. Darius asked for tribute. Greece said no. Darius sent over soldiers.

7 The Battle of Marathon The Persian Army assembled themselves on a plain of Marathon.

8 The Battle of Marathon A Greek General named Miltiades decided to fight the Persians at Marathon. Desperate for help they sent a runner named Pheidippides to ask the Spartans for help.

9 The Battle of Marathon Pheidippides ran for two days and two nights.
The Spartans were celebrating a religious festival and would help after. The Athenians faced the Persians alone and were victorious.

10 The Battle of Thermopylae
The Bravery of the 300 King Darius died and his son King Xerxes organized an attack on Greece. The Spartan King Leonidas and his army would try to stop the Persians.

11 The Battle of Thermopylae
The Spartans choose Thermopylae as a place to make their stand. Thermopylae is a narrow pass between the amount and the sea.

12 The Battle of Thermopylae
Leonidas knew he could only delay the Persians. He ordered most of his troops to escape. He stayed with 300 to fight the Persians. All 300 were killed, but the rest of the Greek troops were saved.

13 The Battle of Salamis: The Navy to the Rescue
When Athens heard about Thermopylae the citizens packed onto ships and left. Xerxes burned Athens to the Ground. Thermistocles wanted to fight the Persians on Sea.

14 The Battle of Plataea: The End of the Persian Wars
Xerxes fled with his soldiers. The end up at a place called Plataea. 80,000 Greek troops destroyed the Persian Army. This victory preserved the Greeks’ independence.

15 The End

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