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Fighting the Persian Wars History Alive Chapter 28.

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1 Fighting the Persian Wars History Alive Chapter 28

2 Fighting the Persian Wars  449 and 474 B.C.E.  Athens and Sparta joined forced to fight the Persians.

3 Persian Empire  King Darius was a great Persian King.

4 Ionian Revolt  Began in 499 B.C.E.  Started Greek Persian Wars  Persians conquered Ionia.  Ionians had to pay tribute.  Ionians could not defeat Persians.

5 Ionian Revolt  Ionians asked mainland Greece for help.  The Athenians defeated the Persians in Ionia.  After the Athenians left, Persia defeated Ionia and burned a city to the ground.

6 The Battle of Marathon  King Darius wanted to take over mainland Greece.  Darius asked for tribute.  Greece said no.  Darius sent over soldiers.

7 The Battle of Marathon  The Persian Army assembled themselves on a plain of Marathon.

8 The Battle of Marathon  A Greek General named Miltiades decided to fight the Persians at Marathon.  Desperate for help they sent a runner named Pheidippides to ask the Spartans for help.

9 The Battle of Marathon  Pheidippides ran for two days and two nights.  The Spartans were celebrating a religious festival and would help after.  The Athenians faced the Persians alone and were victorious.

10 The Battle of Thermopylae  The Bravery of the 300  King Darius died and his son King Xerxes organized an attack on Greece.  The Spartan King Leonidas and his army would try to stop the Persians.

11 The Battle of Thermopylae  The Spartans choose Thermopylae as a place to make their stand.  Thermopylae is a narrow pass between the amount and the sea.

12 The Battle of Thermopylae  Leonidas knew he could only delay the Persians.  He ordered most of his troops to escape.  He stayed with 300 to fight the Persians.  All 300 were killed, but the rest of the Greek troops were saved.

13 The Battle of Salamis: The Navy to the Rescue  When Athens heard about Thermopylae the citizens packed onto ships and left.  Xerxes burned Athens to the Ground.  Thermistocles wanted to fight the Persians on Sea.

14 The Battle of Plataea: The End of the Persian Wars  Xerxes fled with his soldiers.  The end up at a place called Plataea.  80,000 Greek troops destroyed the Persian Army.  This victory preserved the Greeks’ independence.

15 The End

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