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Ancient Greece Persian and Peloponnesian Wars WHI 5d.

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2 Ancient Greece Persian and Peloponnesian Wars WHI 5d

3 Essential Question Why were wars with Persia important to the development of Greek culture? Why was the Peloponnesian War important to the spread of Greek culture?

4 Persian Empire

5 Persian War Greek cities in Turkey (Ionia) revolt against the Persians Darius, the Persian Emperor invades Greece 490 BCE, Battle of Marathon between Persians and Athenians

6 Persian War 490 BCE Persians Invade Greece Battle of Marathon


8 Greek Hoplite


10 2 nd Persian War The Persian Emperor, Xerxes, attacked Greece again in 480 BCE Xerxes invaded Greece by land and sea

11 2 nd Persian War, Battles Thermopylae (Spartans)Salamis (naval battle – Athenian fleet)Plataea (Persians defeated)

12 Thermopylae

13 Trireme

14 Persian Fleet

15 Outcome of Persian Wars Greeks gained control of the Aegean Athens formed the Delian League to fight the Persians Delian League became Athenian Empire

16 Peloponnesian War In 431 BCE the Peloponnesian War started between Athens and Sparta The war lasted until 404 BCE when Athens surrendered The war weakened both Sparta and Athens and led to the decline of the Greek city states

17 Peloponnesian War Competition between Sparta and Athens caused the Peloponnesian War Athens controlled the Delian League and Sparta controlled the Peloponnesian League Both cities feared the power of the other and this fear and distrust was the primary cause of the war

18 Peloponnesian League

19 Sparta vs. Athens Sparta Land Power Oligarchy Economy based on agriculture Little money Athens Naval Power Democracy Economy based on agriculture and trade Reserves of gold and silver

20 Athens Walls

21 Athens

22 Outcome of Peloponnesian War Athens and Sparta WeakenedEnd of Golden Age of GreeceRise of Macedonian Power

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