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Do Now Identify who were these people below:

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1 Do Now Identify who were these people below:
1.) We were Traders & Sea Raiders in early Greece until the end of our civilization began the Dark Age in Greece. Who were we? 2.) “I am what the Greeks developed as they joined together into small groups for protection and stability.” What am I? 3.) “I established a new form of government called democracy in Athens.” Who am I? 4.) “I am the king of the Greek gods of myth.” Who am I? 5.) “I wrote two epic Greek poems, the Iliad & the Odyssey.” Who am I

2 Greece vs. Persia Chapter 9 Section 1
Big Idea: Over time the Persians came to rule a great empire which eventually brought them into conflict with the Greeks.

3 Persian Empire

4 Persia becomes an Empire
Persia started out as unorganized nomadic people Began in present day Iran Cyrus the Great: led a revolt & won independence for Persia Fought against the Medes From there he expanded the Empire to the Asia Minor & Pakistan Practiced toleration on Conquer people. Built the largest army & empire the world had ever seen. His army was highly organized, in addition: Immortals & Calvary Darius I: After 4 years of fighting after Cyrus’ death, Darius I took control He divided Persia up into provinces run by a governor (Satrap) Built Royal road, mail service, capital Persepolis, Zoroastrianism, & expanded empire to West & East (came in contact with Greeks)


6 The Persians Fight Greece
Persia occupied Asia Minor where Greek colonies located 499 B.C. Greeks revolted against Persian rule Many city-states sent aid Persians put down revolt furious for other Greeks helping 1st invasion: (Persian Wars) 9 years Darius & his army landed on the shores off of Marathon Greeks outnumbered but Won 2nd invasion: (led by Xerxes I) Goal: Avenge & conquer all of Greece Both Sea & Land attack Battle of Thermopylae (Spartan loss) Battle of Salamis (Greek Naval Win) Battle of Plataea (Greek victory ended War)

7 Battle at Marathon

8 Battle at Thermopylae

9 Battle of Salamis

10 Review Who was Cyrus the Great? Who was Darius I? Satrap?
Who were Immortals? Calvary? What were the Persian Wars? What Battles took place?

11 Homework Vocabulary pg. 260 & Pg. 265 #1-4

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