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 Sit in the seat that matches the number you picked up at the door. ◦ If you need to be in a seat close to the board, tell me!  One of your papers says.

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2  Sit in the seat that matches the number you picked up at the door. ◦ If you need to be in a seat close to the board, tell me!  One of your papers says “Bell Work” at the top. Read through the prompt for Tuesday and begin to write down your response

3  Seating Chart  Bell Work  Journals/Comp Book  Passes  Late Passes  Remind 101  Vocabulary

4  Scavenger hunt  2 truths and a lie  Wishes  Silent discussion  Break a Habit  Work on your vocabulary

5  Always due on Fridays-for points!  Lose it? Write it on a separate piece of paper.  Fill in the blanks for homework assignments

6  Fine Print: not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged passes  Don’t forget to sign out!

7  Fill out all of the information on one pass card and staple it to the assignment.  Turn it in to the clear “Make- Up” tray  You cannot use a homework pass for any assignment over 75 points, or on a Writing on Demand.  Practice: If an assignment is due on Monday, and you want to use my late pass, when is the assignment due?  BLOCK!

8  Absent work assigned on a day you were here is due the day you get back.  You have one day for each day you were absent to turn in this work.  Example: You were out of town on Thursday. You came back on Friday. We had a essay on Shakespeare due on Thursday, and in class we worked on a Grammar worksheet that needed to be taken home and turned in on Friday. ◦ When is your stuff due?

9  Shakespeare worksheet=Due Friday (day you came back)  Grammar worksheet=Monday (extra day)  Turn it in to the clear bin with the clear “Make-Up” Bin  Fill out the “Absent” sheet

10  If we ever have something due to, it is due by the online due time NO MATTER WHAT. ◦ You can bring in a hard copy when you come back.

11  No more printing from flash drives or e-mail. ◦ The library and computer labs are open for that!  Late work=ZERO. ◦ Make sure you’re checking due dates on the whiteboard and website!

12  Lose a paper? It’s okay! Print it out off of the website.  Check there when you are absent.

13  Take out your phones




17  Keep this pink sheet!  Definition  How it could be used in a sentence  Study how you want  Quizzes weekly

18 In the words of Shakespeare

19 the person who is charged with or on trial for a crime

20 a time period in which a couple develops a romantic relationship

21 to block (obstruct) the progress of someone or something

22 tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, usually after having too much of something.

23 to walk or behave in a confident, arrogant and aggressive way

24  Under the clock  Make sure you keep track of all of your papers this quarter ESPECIALLY the ones on the notebook list  At the end of the quarter, you’ll staple them all together in order. This completed packed is worth a grade.  The packet will also help you study!

25  Keep it!  Specific writing assignments

26  Make a table… ClassGradeWhy did you get that grade in the fall semester Goal grade for this semester How will you do that this semester EnglishJBecause I somehow managed to get negative points on my assignments BI will…

27  You can’t use the same person twice!  Go!

28  On the back of your scavenger hunt paper… ◦ Write down two things you truthfully did over break ◦ Write down one lie (something that you didn’t do over break)  We’re going to try to guess in groups  Group to guess the most right gets an extra homework pass!

29  Write your name on the board  Decide which person in your group has the best set of “two truths and a lie”

30  I stole a pair of sunglasses from Target.  I watched the entire series of “The Office” on Netflix.  I won the lottery.

31  Rip out a piece of paper from your journal ◦ Write down 12 things you wish to accomplish in 2014.  Make them as specific as possible. ◦ I want to run faster. ◦ I want to be able to run the mile in 6:42  Staple or tape it to the front cover of your composition book

32  Romeo and Juliet in a nutshell: ◦ Families who hate each other ◦ Teenagers fall in love ◦ Listen to their families or their hearts?  What if you had to make the same decisions that they did?

33  Take out a lined piece of paper  Write your name at the top  You have to write in complete sentences and say why

34 It is not worth sacrificing your family to be with the one you love. It can be easy to be blinded by love, but your family is always there to make sure you fall in love with the right person. You owe that respect to your family because they are just there to help you.

35  Trade with a neighbor.  Write down your response to their answer.

36  Answer the question on the same piece of paper you have right now  Trade with a different neighbor.

37  Write down your answer.  On the count of three…

38  Answer on this paper  Put it under your desk  Find a new seat  If your new paper says… ◦ Teenager: Stand by the flag ◦ 20-25: Stand by the pencil sharpener ◦ 26-30: Stand by the door ◦ 31-35: Stand by the filing cabinet ◦ 36+ : Stand in the center

39  Answer  1, 2, 3………..

40  Write down your answer  Put it under the desk  Walk back to your own seat

41  Pass it to the person in the back of your row  Put it in the tray

42  Take out your journal

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