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Welcome to CGMS Science Ms. Baker The Science Queen.

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1 Welcome to CGMS Science Ms. Baker The Science Queen

2 Welcome to 8th grade science! As you come in –Find your seat. –Fill out the seating chart card writing your first & last name LEGIBLY! –Fill out your science survey card. –When finished, stay in your seat and look around the room; using your keen powers of observation to answer the following questions: How many frogs are in the room? What is Ms. Baker’s nickname? What competition is Ms. Baker the sponsor of?

3 How do we start class? 1.Every day you’ll get your folder, pick up papers by the door and then take your seat. 2.Have out your agenda, pencil, and composition book ready to begin class. 3.Backpacks are on the floor and cell phones are off and safely tucked away inside. 4.Read the slide on the front board. 5.Open agenda, write the daily objective on today’s date. 6.Fill out the Science Starter sheet for today. 7.When finished, see if you can answer today’s trivia question on the white board.

4 How do we pass in papers? Hand the papers to the person in seat A. The person in seat A will stack the papers and put them in a neat pile on the edge of the desk closest to the aisle. Ms. Baker will come to each table, and collect the papers.




8 Let’s practice… Please hand in your seating charts. Before handing them in make sure your first and last name is written so the teacher can read it.

9 What is science? Science discovers the why and how of the way nature works. It also seeks the answers to questions and problems. People then use technology, engineering, and math to solve problems and answer questions using the information science has discovered.

10 What science will we study this year? Physics – how does energy and matter interact? Chemistry - science of matter, how it reacts, as well as also its composition, structure and properties Heredity How are traits passed down?



13 Front of Room A B C D Face Partners Shoulder Partners Table Directions

14 Pair Share Procedure Partners take turns listening and sharing 1.Teacher announces a topic and states how long each student will have to share. 2.Teacher provides think time. 3.In pairs, Partner A shares; Partner B listens. 4.Partner B shares. 5.Partners switch roles.


16 Be Kind! Do not willfully harm someone else. (Physically or Verbally) Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is unacceptable.

17 Be Respectful! Do not willfully destroy school or another’s property. If it is not yours, do not touch or take without permission.

18 Be Cooperative Follow the teacher's directions immediately. Do not refuse to do what is asked.

19 Use Self Discipline Do not disrupt the learning atmosphere in class. Talk only when permitted. ˜ Whole group instruction = –Silent or raise hand to comment or ask questions unless directed otherwise. ˜ Lab/Small group = Quiet Voices

20 Be Safe ˜ Follow all safety procedures & guidelines. ˜ Please do not chew gum, or eat food or candy in class. ˜ Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up


22 Every day I will… Be on time. On time= In line when the bell rings.

23 Every day I will… Be prepared to learn –Bring my pencil, agenda, composition book, and any thing else I may need to be successful. “The door of opportunity is wide open if you are prepared.” “To be prepared is half the victory.”

24 Every day I will… Begin my Science Starter within 90sec of coming into class.

25 Every day I will… Be honest Tell the truth No Cheating Always tell the truth. If you can't always tell the truth, don't lie.

26 Every day I will… Maintain a positive attitude. "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." - Henry Ford

27 Quick Quiz

28 What happens if I need to go to the restroom???? You are given three opportunities to use the restroom each quarter. You cannot use the bathroom the first & last 15 minutes of class or during a lecture. If we are working on an activity or seat work, ask for permission. If I say okay, fill out your agenda, bring me your pass & agenda. You have four minutes to use the restroom.

29 What if I am thirsty???? We are fortunate to have a drinking fountain in our classroom. You may use it as you enter and leave class. You may use it IF –No lecture /directions are taking place. –You are quietly working. –AND you have raised your hand & asked for permission –Failure to do so may result in an ASD!

30 Ticket out the door On the index card, answer the following questions in complete sentences: 1.What supplies do I need in order to be successful in science? 2.What do I need to bring back on Friday? 3.Complete the following sentence… Science is ….

31 How to leave class… The bell does not dismiss you, I do. When dismissed, push in your chair. Walk out the door.

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