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Health Class Getting Started Due Friday January 30 th Health Classroom Disclosure Human Sexuality Permission Slip Extra Credit Pre-Test Thursday Reminders.

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1 Health Class Getting Started Due Friday January 30 th Health Classroom Disclosure Human Sexuality Permission Slip Extra Credit Pre-Test Thursday Reminders Pick up all four papers on front TA desk. Grey – Health Disclosures Yellow – Human Sexuality Permission Blue – Late Work Passes Tan – Unit page Find a seat You must fill in the front desk first Shorter students in the front – taller students towards the back You must sit boy girl This means front and back and to the side must alternate boy girl Figure it out – this takes brain power and communication. Class Objectives Define classroom rules Describe classroom procedures for grading Explain how to correctly complete a unit page

2 Health Education First Day

3 Daily Start Power Point Slide Everyday there will be a power point slide that tells the following: Getting Started: What you need to do to get started Reminders: Due dates for the upcoming week Objectives: What you should be learning during the lesson

4 Required Daily Materials Lined Paper Something to Write With Pen or pencil is fine Assignments Guided Notes Unit Pages Reading Book Book on phone is fine

5 Classroom Rules Be in assigned seat by the end of the tardy bell Be prepared with paper, writing utensil, reading book, and assignments Raise hand and wait to be called on

6 Classroom Rules Keep hands, feet, objects, and comments to self Follow all school and district rules Do the task first time asked. No whining, arguing, or back talking.

7 Classroom Behavior Cues “Please” I will always give direction starting with “please Examples: Please sit down Please start working Please be quite Please You Need To Your Choices Are

8 Classroom Behavior Cues “You Need To” If you do not follow my direction after I have said “please” then I will say “You Need To” This is a huge caution statement to you that you are missing a direction and you need to figure out what to do and do it Example: You need to sit down You need to start working You need to be quite Please You Need To Your Choices Are

9 Classroom Behavior Cues “Your Choices Are” If you still don’t follow my direction I will say “your choices are” and then I will give you two choices. You will then show by your behavior what choice you have picked Example: Your choices are – sit down and get working or go to the office Your choices are – keep comments to self or phone call home to parents after class Please You Need To Your Choices Are

10 Health Content Areas Physical Health Body Systems Disease Nutrition Mental and Emotional Health Self Esteem Stress Managements Social Health Communication Relationships Substance Abuse Alcohol Tobacco Other Drugs Human Sexuality Abstinences Only Dating and Marriage

11 Assignments All assignments are posted in the following spots. Get Started Power Point at the beginning of all class periods Side white board Follett’s Web site

12 Types of Assignments Unit Page: Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle Chapter Review Questions

13 Types of Assignments Guided Notes: Completed in class Coincides with power point lecture

14 Assignments Human Sexuality Parent Packet 6 assignments that must be completed with parents Each assignment is worth 100 points Each assignments requires a parent signature to earn credit Parent packet passed out during second half of the semester.

15 Human Sexuality Content Abstinence Only Male and Female Reproductive Systems Dating and Marriage Sexually Transmitted Diseases HIV/AIDs Education

16 Human Sexuality Permission Slip Parent / Guardian Consent required to be in class when we discuss Human Sexuality Take out your Human Sexuality Permission Slip Make sure your parents read carefully and mark only one option OK to attend class Ok to attend except for discussion on contraceptives (we do not cover this in 8 th grade) Would like to review lessons plans and teaching practices Do not want child to receive sex education

17 Health Class Disclosures Take out Health Disclosure

18 Grading Break Down Human Sexuality Parent Packet = 40% Test/Quizzes = 30% Assignments = 30%

19 Late Work Late work will be accepted up to the unit test for full credit. Any work turned in after the unit test will need a late work pass to receive full credit Any work not turned in with unit pass after the unit test will receive 50% of the grade

20 Late Work Passes You will get 2 passes per term Attach late work coupons to work and turn into the late work basket Late work passes must be signed by parent to receive credit Any left over passes can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the term

21 Absent Work It is the student’s reasonability to obtain all assignments due to absences Absent work must be turned in within the same number of day the student was absent Past the number of days absent, the assignments will fall into the “late work” category

22 Assignments All assignments can be found on my web site in/7113 in/7113 If you are missing assignments you can print out new assignments from my website If you are absent for lectures you can find the power points on my website and complete the notes at home

23 Extra Credit Extra credit is posted on my website 76350 76350 You can do as many assignments as you want You can do any assignment from any unit we have covered in class Each extra credit assignment is worth 25 pt. if done correctly

24 Contact Information Classroom hours: DO NOT ask for missing assignments or discuss grades at the beginning of class You will need to come in before school to discuss grades and missing work Email: This the best way to reach me Phone: 801-402-8157 Leave a message

25 Unit Page Instructions

26 Unit Page

27 Vocabulary Each vocabulary word must be defined Vocabulary definitions can be found in the text glossary, chapter text, and power points that coincide with each unit. Some vocabulary words are found in charts and under pictures You will have to read and look for the words – they are not always highlighted

28 Name Period Unit 1 Vocab. 1.Health – A condition of physical, emotional, mental and social well being. 2.Physical Health – The part of health that describes the condition of the body. 3.Emotional Health -

29 Review Questions Answer the review questions on the unit page. Use your notes from lessons and the text book to help answer the questions.

30 Crossword Puzzle Answers are usually vocabulary words or words found in their definitions. You should do the vocabulary words and review questions before the crossword puzzle.

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