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A message from my dog…. What makes my classroom tick?

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1 A message from my dog…

2 What makes my classroom tick?

3 Bring your stuff to class! Textbook Notebook Homework Pencil Agenda Book

4 Behavior Be respectful (What does being respectful look and sound like?) –Raise your hand, listen, say please & thank you, throw candy wrappers in the garbage, etc. Cooperate Participate Ask questions See me for help

5 Homework Write the assignment and due date in your agenda book Homework is checked daily for completion Complete means no more than three problems missing Worth 2 pts We will go over the answers and any questions you may have

6 Homework Continued… You will have homework almost every night. I try not to give homework on Friday, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you forget your homework in your locker, you will be allowed to get it a couple times and still receive credit. If it continues to happen, I will allow you to get it, (so you are able to check it with the class) but you will not receive any credit for the assignment. If you miss 4 or more, you can only receive credit if you get your parents to initial the assignment. If you end up with a grade that is one percentage point away from the next letter grade, I will consider giving you the higher grade if you completed all homework assignments in the marking period, you participate in class and you are well behaved.

7 Quizzes & Tests Study! Complete practice problems! Desks will be spread out No talking You may only use a pencil Lifeline Bonus Question Failing Grades

8 Quizzes & Tests Continued… I will always review for a quiz or test and you will know what to expect I will do my best to post the upcoming quizzes and tests on our team website on the “Lynx Lookouts” page, as well as on Sapphire I usually offer a bonus question that counts for 1 or two extra credit points. If you get the bonus wrong, it does not count against you I give each student 1 “lifeline” a marking period. You may use your lifeline on one quiz or test question. You may not use your lifeline on a bonus question.

9 Quizzes & Tests continued… If you earn a failing grade on a quiz or test you can see me for help during flex period We will work together on various problems and then you will be given additional practice problems to complete on your own If you turn in the problems and have completed them successfully, your grade will be raised to a 70%

10 Absences/Make-Up Work Any time you are absent from school or miss math class for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed When you return to my class, first check the “Missed Work” folder for any missed notes or worksheets See me to check if there are any additional assignments to be done or any quizzes or tests that need to be taken See me to ask questions or to learn the material Complete the work and give it to me in a timely manner

11 Classroom Routines Take your seat and get out your homework Ask to use the bathroom in the first or last five minutes of class Sharpen/borrow pencils in the beginning of the class period If you need to borrow a pencil, take one from the container and put your name on the board

12 Problem of the Day Do your own work and keep your eyes on your own paper Work silently Show your work… if there is work to show Turn your paper over when you are finished Keep all problems of the day in your notebook If you get it right, you can use it as a homework pass or 1 point extra credit

13 Minute Problems Label the Minute # at the top Complete as many of the 10 problems as you can in one minute It is not necessary to show work Write your answers on the paper provided Record your score on the Minute Journal provided Keep the minute problems and journal in your notebook

14 Write-On! Prompts Answer each write-on prompt with at least three complete sentences Work silently Keep all write-on prompts in your notebook

15 Notebook It is checked near the end of each marking period A scoring guide will be provided a week before the due date It is worth 25 pts It is worth 5% of each marking period grade You can use any Problems of the Day that you got correct as 1 pt. extra credit on your notebook grade

16 Student Station Items on the counter in the student station are for your use When you are finished, please return the items to the counter I also have markers, colored pencils, and crayons for your use on the shelves by the window Please ask if you need glue, tape, or some other supply that is not on the counter or shelves Calculators…please look at the agreement

17 You Wanna Piece of Me? Answer the “Trip to the Candy Jar Question” correctly I alternate boy/girl You may eat the candy in my room or at lunch Please throw the wrapper in the garbage

18 Helpful Links Interact Math – Choose textbook (Prentice Hall Algebra I) Choose Chapter Choose Topic Textbook On-Line – Choose math and high school Select PA Find your book (copyright 2004) Click on Online Book Create your account You will need the ISBN number from your textbook It is located on the back of the second page in the bottom left-hand corner

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