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2 WELCOME BACK TO OUR OTHER HOME, WILLIS. Let’s make it amazing.

3 GOALS “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ― Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein

4 Goal #1  We will:  Treat other people the way that you would want to be treated.  Respect ourselves as well.

5 The Point:  How do you earn respect?  Have you earned it (from your peers, teachers, family)/

6 The Point:  In order to learn at our highest levels, we need an atmosphere of mutual respect.  We need an atmosphere that is conducive to learning (limit outside distractions).

7 “Conducive to Learning”  Focus on goals and self-assessment.  Let’s really look at our learning goals and understand what they mean.  Your Jobs:  If you don’t understand why you need to know something, ask me.  If you don’t understand what the goal means, ask me.  If it looks like I think you understand a concept and you don’t, please ask me to explain again.


9 Writing Learning Goal  I will write well organized, grammatically correct expository texts.  Focus:  Writing Process  Six Traits  Compare & contrast essay  Writing complete sentences  Punctuation (commas and captialization)

10 Review  Procedures and Rules

11 RULES & PROCEDURES Feel free to ask me why we have a particular rule or procedure.

12 What to bring to class:  Bring a binder with paper, dividers, pen or pencil.  Always have a book to read in case you finish your work before other students.  We will be focusing on note-taking this semester, so it is crucial that you have your binder every day.  The final exam will cover the whole semester’s work SO, DON’T THROW YOUR NOTES AWAY.  Cornell notes will be used.

13 How to walk into the room :  Go to the restroom or for water before you enter the room.  Line up outside the classroom (girls by the wall and boys by the edge of the cement. Girls walk in first.  Sharpen your pencil if needed before class begins.  Otherwise, go straight to your assigned desk and start on your bellwork.

14 TARDIES :  You must be sitting at your desk and started on your bellwork when the final bell rings.

15 What to do after you enter the room:  Take care of your bellwork. All bellwork is graded!  Don’t wait for me to tell you to get started.

16 How to pass in papers:  Tests or classwork – Hand in to me or place in appropriate basket when you are finished. Baskets are in the back of the room. One side is to me, the other is “return to students.”  Read or work quietly at your desk until other students have finished.  Keep Returned Papers in Case of Grade Disputes and to study for Final Exams.

17 What to do when you need a pencil sharpened:  Sharpen pencils before class begins.  If you need the sharpener on a rare occasion, raise your hand and ask me.

18 Respect other’s property:  Don’t go in or behind a teacher’s desk without permission.  That’s like someone going in your purse or wallet without permission.

19 How to ask for permission to ask or answer a question/make a comment/ or get out of your seat:  Raise your hand and wait to be called.

20 How to exit the classroom:  Stay in your seat until you’re dismissed. The class will only be dismissed when everyone is seated.  Students will be dismissed by rows.  Teachers dismiss classes, not bells.

21 What to do when you have paper to throw away:  Wait until the end of class and then place in the can.  Please don’t ever throw anything in class (automatic consequence).

22 What to do when you're taking a test:  Take your test without talking. Turn it in when complete. Read or work silently at your desk until other students have finished.  If you talk, it is assumed you are cheating.  Cheating results in a zero and disciplinary action.  If it’s clear to me that you are not cheating, but you did talk, you will lose points from your test score as a consequence for disturbing others. A C

23 When I need the class to be quiet:  I’ll flash the lights.

24 YOU MAY NOT WRITE ON THE DESKS  If you choose to break this rule, you will clean all the desks during your lunch.

25 If you are absent:  You have as many days as you were absent to make up work.  Make-up work is located in the “while you were out” bin in the back of the room.  It is organized by days and then by weeks. So, if you were out on Tuesday, look in the Tuesday folder. Take out handouts or worksheets.  Assignments are written in the composition book in the bin and available on my web page.

26 WEBSITE  ?PageID=1 ?PageID=1

27 If you are NOT absent but have late work:  Only work that is submitted on time receives full credit.  See me.  Only homework that is submitted on time receives full credit unless it is late due to an excused absence.

28 Restroom  You will need a restroom pass and you must sign out on the sign-out sheet.  If you use up your passes, wait for the class to be over.  You may submit unused passes for extra credit at the end of the quarter.

29 Grading  Your grade will be computed as follows:  Exams, Quizzes and Projects – 60%  Classwork – 20%  Homework including Agenda Check – 20%

30 Have A Great 2 nd Quarter!!! Remember, respect your teachers, your peers and yourselves. Make 2013-2014 your best year ever!


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