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Mrs. Reeves’ 5th Grade Classroom Procedures.

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1 Mrs. Reeves’ 5th Grade Classroom Procedures

2 Breakfast/Lunch Count
If you choose to go to breakfast, come in and get your breakfast ticket. Walk quietly to the lunch room. Every morning you need to choose your lunch by moving your clothespin to the right spot. This must be done as soon as you come in the door. Even people who bring their lunch need to move their clothespin to the brought lunch sign. The breakfast card organizer will move the clothespins back after lunch.

3 Entering the Room in the Morning
Choose your lunch option as you enter. Quietly get a chair and sit at your desk. Check to make sure that all assignments are completed from yesterday. Make sure you have pencils and paper ready to go. Begin any morning work that may be in the morning work bin. If you finish both of these, read your AR book Let’s practice this, stack your chair and go out to the hall!

4 Leaving the Room in the Afternoon
Listen for messages. Listen for homework and gather what you need. Stack your chair. Pick up trash on the floor. High Fives or Hugs as you leave.

5 Quiet Signal When I want your attention I will raise my hand and count backwards from 5. By the time I get to you should be sitting quietly and looking at me Let’s try it. Make some noise.

6 Pencil Sharpening There is one pencil sharpener in the room.
It is the only one we have so it must have TLC-tender, loving care. Let me show you the difference. . . Please sharpen pencils when I am not in the front of the room speaking—before class and after assignment is given. Do NOT interrupt class.

7 Bathroom Passes There are bathroom passes-one girl, one boy.
When the pass says “In” that means it is available. When the pass says “Out” that means someone else is using it. When you need to use the pass, simply flip it over on the hook and go When you return, flip it back so others know it is available. You must sign in and out when you need a restroom break. Indicate your name and the time in and out. Times to use the pass—any time I am not speaking in the front of the class. If this is abused, it will be removed.

8 Other Passes Office Passes
These are for permission to make phone calls, etc. You must ask for a pass. You must carry and present the pass to the office. Library Passes You must visit the library before school or during our scheduled library time. Other people do not need their class interrupted, so please plan wisely. Only three people in the library at a time, so we have three library passes that MUST be taken, along with your dots. Nurse Pass This is for permission to see the nurse. You must ask for this pass to be written for you. If you are going to be sick (barf) please DO NOT ask for the pass, just get to the bathroom or trash can as fast as you can! Nurse passes will be monitored, so please do not abuse them!

9 Class Jobs These are posted on the chart with the breakfast tickets monthly.

10 Headings on Homework Every piece of homework should have a heading.
This is really hard, are you ready? Here’s the heading Name, Section, #, Assignment Let me assign your number Be sure to put it in the right place Let’s try it—Paper person, pass out the paper. It goes here!! Notice which side the holes are on!

11 Passing Homework into the Tray
When you turn in a homework assignment to the tray, you will make sure it is in numerical order. Be sure you check it’s in the right spot. Homework must be turned in on the due date. If it is not, you will complete it and lose 5 minutes of recess. The second day, you will lose ten minutes of recess and complete the assignment for partial credit. After the third day, you will receive a 0. STAY ON TRACK WITH YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! Let’s try this—grab your paper with your practice heading and let’s turn them in.

12 HOMEWORK FOLDER Assignment sheets will be given on Monday of each week. Assignments are written on the board in each of your classrooms. Each student is REQUIRED to fill in their assignments for the day in the homework folder. You can then check off assignments as you finish them. These will be turned in the following Monday morning for 5 points.

13 Lining Up & Walking in Line
First, make sure your books and supplies are put away. Second, push your chair in. Third, WALK to the line. Fourth, stand quietly directly behind the person in front of you. Walking in Line You will walk without talking. Do not touch the people or things around you. The line will be Silent, Single file, and on the Second block of the hallway. Let’s practice—Where do we want to go?

14 Things To Know About Procedures
If you don’t understand or don’t know what you should do, PLEASE ASK ME! Follow the procedures and life will be happy  They exist to make your and my life easier. Any questions or comments?

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