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Homeroom Sit in alphabetical order by last name (i.e. if you are #1 on the roster you sit in desk #1 etc…) If you aren’t on the roster…raise your hand.

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1 Homeroom Sit in alphabetical order by last name (i.e. if you are #1 on the roster you sit in desk #1 etc…) If you aren’t on the roster…raise your hand and wait for me Pass in old schedules Receive new schedule Make a name tag Fold paper horizontally Write name largely in dark marker or pen Decorate your name tag. Review rules and expectations.

2 Welcome to Ms. Schaller’s Class Put your name tag on your desk. If you don’t have one: Get a paper and fold it (horizontally) to make a nametag. Write your first and last name on your nametag. Decorate your nametag. On your card Last, first name (top line of the front of the notecard) Leave the rest blank Do you have a computer, internet, and a printer at home? (back) Three things I should know about you (back)

3 Letter Home This letter outlines the rules, consequences, and requirements for the class. You and your parents/guardians will sign this letter to show that you understand the requirements for the class. This paper is your first grade and is due tomorrow (let me know today if you need more time)

4 1) Letter Home (Due tomorrow) 2) Gather supplies (Due Friday)

5 Like Me Ms. Schaller will make a statement like “I’m from California” if that statement is “like you” then stand up. If that statement doesn’t describe you, stay sitting. Interviews – on a separate piece of paper write down three questions to ask a classmate.

6 Do Now - Put your nametag on your desk. - Copy homework into your planner. - Get our your parent letters.

7 Procedures We will read about our classroom procedures. This will helps us remember the procedures for the class. You may write down things you don’t want to forget.

8 Entering the Class 1) Go sit down in your desk. 2) Take out notebook, homework and planner. 3) Put your backpack under you desk or hang it on your chair. 4) Quietly start the warm-up. If it takes more then five minutes, you wont get points! *If you are not sitting down and working quietly when the bell rings, you will be marked late and lose a citizenship point!

9 Using the Restroom 1) Hold you bathroom coupon up as you raise you hand. 2) Once you have permission, leave the room. Take your coupon as you pass. 3) When you return give the pass to Ms. Schaller. * If you don’t have a coupon you can’t leave, unless it is an emergency. You will lose one citizenship point.

10 Exiting the Class 1) Return supplies, straighten desk, and pick up any trash you see. 2) Do not pack up until Ms. Schaller tells you to. 3) Wait for the teacher or student monitor to dismiss you (even if you hear the bell). Do not run or push. Say excuse me if you bump into someone.

11 Supplies Quietly stand up and go to the supply cabinet without disturbing other students. Take out what you need. Sign out the item on the supply check out sheet. When finished, return item to the correct bin in the cabinet. Initial the supply check out sheet.

12 Make-up Work You must make up all work from absences. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed. Ask a friend, use the website, or look at the sample notebook to find out what you missed. Worksheets will be on the counter or the folders posted on the walls. Work must be completed by the Friday after you absence to receive full credit.

13 Emergencies Stop what you are doing. Calmly exit the classroom. Go to your homeroom class. Wait for the signal to return to class. If I am hurt or absent: The student monitor will pick up Ms. Schaller’s clipboard and put the green sticker on the door. If someone is hurt or stuck in the room, put the red sticker on the door. Tell Mr. Garcia, or another adult that Ms. Schaller if hurt or missing.

14 People Bingo Find a person who matches the description in the box. Write their name in the box. You cannot use the same person for more than one box. When you have five boxes in a row, say BINGO and bring your card to Ms. Schaller.

15 Classroom Jobs Students have ownership of my classroom. So you all are responsible for making sure it runs well. Each class period have a few students with jobs. Students must apply for a job in order to be selected. Jobs will change a several times during the year.

16 Manager Picks up Citizenship box when class starts and retunes it at end of class. Records Citizenship points on each notecard. Stamps planners/notebook when Ms. Schaller needs help. Doe, John 20 points 19 late 8/22 18 uniform 9/1 17 off task 9/2

17 Monitor Supplies Organizers/cleans supply cabinet Lets Ms. Schaller know when new supplies are needed. Checks supply check-out form. Makes sure all supplies are returned before bell rings. Class Check to make sure tables are straight and no trash is on the floor. Dismisses rows one by one after Ms. Schaller gives the signal.

18 Messenger Job duties include: Running errands. Delivering supplies. Substitutes when other student workers are absent.

19 Administrative Assistant Job duties include: Passing out papers and supplies Collecting papers and supplies. Answers the phone and takes a message if Ms. Schaller is too busy.

20 Classroom Job Applications If you would like a classroom job, you will have to write a quick paragraph saying who you are, what job you want, and why you would be a good person for that job. Please turn in your applications by tomorrow. You can place them in the period by period box.

21 1) Job Applications ( optional ) 2) Gather supplies (Due Friday)

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