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+ Yearbook Class Introduction 2012-2013. + Rules and Syllabus Give each student their binder which includes: Syllabus Turn in signature sheet Rubric Guide.

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1 + Yearbook Class Introduction 2012-2013

2 + Rules and Syllabus Give each student their binder which includes: Syllabus Turn in signature sheet Rubric Guide Keep all year for you to review Fill in the blank worksheet Complete and keep all year (you will be quizzed over this material). Ladder Homework dividers Keep all of your work when it is returned.

3 + Weekly Assignments and Daily Points All students will have one paper assignment a week, one picture assignment a week, and one online assignment a week. Your grade will directly depend on how you perform on these assignments. You will be responsible for completing these, I will not continually remind you to be working on these assignments. Late work will not be accepted. The yearbook runs because of deadlines we do not have time for you to be lazy. These assignments will be due each Friday at THE END OF THE HOUR. All assignments are interconnected, not just for your individual pages but between all students in the class.

4 + Paper Assignments (Writing and Interviewing) These assignments will vary greatly. Some weeks you will be given worksheets that you will have all week to complete. Some weeks you will be assigned to write an article for a page. The articles will not always be for the pages that you are assigned to create. This means that your peers will be waiting on you to complete articles for their pages. Hold each other accountable because both of your grades will depend on it.

5 + Picture Assignments Each week every student will need to take at least 5 pictures. You will need to check out a camera with the log manager. You must log the camera you are taking and have your picture taken with the camera you are taking. If you lose or break a camera you are financially responsible. If your pictures are of poor quality you will get a zero. You can get ahead on your pictures when you sign up for activities. For example if you sign up to take pictures at a basketball game and take many good quality pictures you can get weeks ahead. Each student must take pictures at different activities, if you do not sign up for any activities you will get a zero on this entire section of your grade.

6 + Online Assignments This could be the same for multiple weeks, depending on the deadline and size of the assignment. Each person will be assigned a page, you will create the outline, place pictures, and upload articles. Each week I will need to see your progress and your completed work. Every Friday you will need to turn in a copy of each of the three of your assignments. The deadline date is your final day to make any changes, this is your grade.

7 + Deadlines (the reason we have weekly assignments) Jostens prints our pages ahead of time. We have deadlines that are set by the company. We have to have the pages that are due done in order to have them all printed. If we do not get a page done when the deadline is set that page will not be printed and it will not be in the yearbook (this is a big deal).

8 + Duties In addition to your weekly assignments each one of you will also be assigned a classroom duty: Financial Assistant Advertisement Representative Picture Manager Advertisement Manager Editor Recorder Log Manager Each one of these duties will require you to be organized and prompt. I will assign these duties to each of you and I will not negotiate. You will change duties each semester so all of you will have a chance to experience the different duties.

9 + Financial Assistant The financial assistant will be responsible for creating and maintaining all the information that directly deals with the yearbook budget. Each time someone buys a yearbook I will get a receipt from the office. I will give this to you. You will then need to keep a record of who has bought a yearbook. You must also keep these receipts filed. Each time we sell a yearbook ad you must record how much we sold the ad for and the name of the company. You must also keep the receipts from these ads. Each time we sell a senior memory ad you must record how much we sold the ad for and who we sold the ad to. You must also keep the receipts for these sales. You will be responsible for our budget, we constantly need to know how much money we have. You will give me weekly reports of our balance.

10 + Advertisement Representative You will be responsible for keeping track of the businesses we have visited and which ones we still need to visit. You also will need to keep records of what these businesses have said. You will need to create a spreadsheet to organize all of this information. In your spreadsheet you will need to record if we visited the business, if they paid in cash, if they want billed by mail, if they mailed in their payment later, and if they submitted an ad or want us to create one. These ads are not only for the businesses but also for the senior memory ads. You will also be responsible for creating posters that we will place around the school to advertise the various sales we will be having. You will also create or make copies of any of the letters we will be mailing out. (Includes returning pictures)

11 + Picture Manager Each time a camera is checked in the Log Manager will give you the memory card from the camera. You must upload the pictures, place them in their correct folders (in each location), and title them according to who is in the picture. Create folders on your desktop. Create the same folders on the G drive. Create the same folders on Yearbook online. Create the same folders on a flash drive. Jostens picture day is huge, you will need to get your assignments in advance for your other classes because you will not be able to be in class.

12 + Advertisement Manager You will be responsible for scanning all of the ads that we receive. You will need to back up all scanned copies the same way we store pictures. You will also need to keep a log of the ads that we have received, the ads that have been scanned, the ads that need to be created, and the ads that we are still waiting on. The ads that need to be created will be your job. Once you have a draft of the ad you will need to contact that business and make sure that ad is what they want. You will also be responsible for the senior memory ads in the same manner. All ad information, pictures, and receipts must be filed and backed up on our computers.

13 + Editor You have the final say on all pages. This means that you must: Spell check every single page. Grammar check every single page. Check alignment. Check appearance. This is a huge job and a huge responsibility, you must be thorough.

14 + Recorder You are responsible for recording which page number each student appears on. Every deadline will be on a Friday. This means that you will begin recording the pages that were due the next Monday. By the end of each week you should have at least half of the assigned pages done. Obtain a copy of the student master list from the office and begin posters. You will also be responsible for checking to make sure that all students names are spelled correctly in the yearbook. If you do this each week you will not have any problems…do not fall behind.

15 + Log Manager You are responsible for checking and collecting daily work logs and camera logs. Each day every student should write on your log what they worked on and what they completed. Cameras will be checked out and used frequently. You must monitor and collect the camera log daily. Each time a student checks out a camera you will take a picture of that student with the camera, depicting the camera number. The picture will only be deleted once the camera is logged back in. Once you take a picture of the camera that is being checked out, you need to make sure that student fills out the log. When a camera is logged in you give the memory card to the Photo Manager and charge the camera. Once the camera is charged put all items back in their rightful places.

16 + Getting Started! What Makes A Good Yearbook? What is the purpose? Review the worksheet covering this information in the students binders. You should complete these worksheets because you will be quizzed over this material later in time. Selection of Positions: If anyone has a preference now is the time to voice them. If no one cares or if you fight you will have no choice.

17 + Introduction to the Ladder This will be your life. We will have the ladder hung all year long. It will tell you the basic contents of the page, who is assigned to the page, and the deadline for the page. Direct students to their own ladders so they can keep track of their specific assignments. Right in front of your dividers. If you have a preference now is the time to speak! What pages do you want to create?

18 + Theme and Concept Development Pink Worksheet Handout This is your written assignment for this week!! Yearbook Examples Look Book Ideas Theme Idea Handouts Each one of you will need to completely develop an idea for the yearbook. You may use any of the tools that are laid out for you. You may also use any ideas that you have on your own.

19 + The Rest of The Week is Yours!! Do not forget to use your time wisely.

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