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.  What will we be doing this year   Warm-ups  Investigate geometry with Patty Paper  Flip the classroom in Algebra II  Work with a partner 

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Presentation on theme: ".  What will we be doing this year   Warm-ups  Investigate geometry with Patty Paper  Flip the classroom in Algebra II  Work with a partner "— Presentation transcript:


2  What will we be doing this year

3   Warm-ups  Investigate geometry with Patty Paper  Flip the classroom in Algebra II  Work with a partner  Work cooperatively in groups  Work independently very quietly  Take notes and keep an organized notebook  Prepare for and take an SOL in the spring

4   Watch the lecture at home and take notes. Sometimes there will be questions to answer. This will be your homework.  Practice the concepts in class where you can get your questions answers Flipped Algebra II Classroom

5  Geometry in a school in Jamaica

6  Treat each person in this room with respect

7  How will we be graded?

8   Quizzes ( 1 or 2 per chapter, 30 pts each)  Chapter Tests ( at the end of each chapter, 100 pts)  Cumulative Review ( take home assignments, 30 pts )  Homework ( graded on effort, 5 pts each)  5 points for every question given reasonable effort  4 points for most of the work given reasonable effort  3 points for about ¾ of the work given reasonable effort  Missed homework may be turned in one class late for a maximum of 3 points. Every question must be given reasonable effort on late work to receive credit.  If you do not have homework, you will fill out a “Missed Homework” form, which I will keep on file.

9   3 Ring Binder ( 1.5 inch )  Lined and Graph Paper  Pencils with Erasers  12 Dividers  Graphing or Scientific Calculator What Supplies Do You Recommend?

10  What’s this ?

11   You can earn them in various ways: Answering homework questions correctly Stealing an answer Outstanding cooperative work Outstanding behavior Outstanding work  Save them and use them for Extra Credit on your next quiz or test. Bonus Points!!!


13   Enter quietly without disturbing the class  Sign in  Put your pass in the clip if you have one  Have a seat and take out your materials

14  One of my favorite things to do in the summer

15   Get a perfect score on a test. 100% without any bonuses or extra credit How can I be on the Wall of Fame?

16   It will be posted on the board with the daily agenda  It will be on the syllabus that I give you at the beginning of the chapter ( but that may change )  It will be posted on the Homework Calendar on my web page on the day it is assigned How will we know what our homework is?

17   I will stand at the front of the room with my hand up  I expect you to quiet down immediately When I need your attention

18   Enter quietly  Turn off and put away all electronic devices  Sit down and get out you math materials. Put everything else away  Look over the agenda  Begin the bell assignment Entering the Room


20  If you have been absent

21   Check the “While you were out” folder on the bulletin board  Turn in any make up work at the beginning of class. Write “ Absent “ on the top of the page so that you will be given full credit.  Schedule missed quizzes and tests with me immediately. ( If they were assigned before your absence, be prepared to take them )

22   Class dismissal is by the teacher, not the bell  Do not pack up prior to the bell  You will be dismissed when I have checked to be sure that all of the calculators and supplies have been returned properly and that you have picked up all of your belongings

23   Go out to the right, down the stairs and outside.  Once you all leave I will lock the door so that you do not need to worry about taking any of your belongings with you  Gather together back by the fence.  I will be looking for you to take attendance outside. Fire Drill


25  are important and easy to miss if someone is talking.  As soon as the Intercom comes on, stop talking immediately. Intercom Announcements…..

26  Where can I get some help ?

27   Math Lab is open after SSR during every study hall  There is a math teacher there to help you.  You can get help with math questions.  You can do your homework there in case you run into problems  You can help other math students  You can work cooperatively just like in class  You cannot be on your phone or listening to music, just like in class. Math Lab room 206

28   Show respect  Get ready to answer If someone is asking a question

29  Working Cooperatively

30   Everyone should be working on the same question  Each person should understand before moving on.  Praise should be generous for good work “awesome job” “ you are a math beast” “ thank you for your help, Mrs. Roeser didn’t make any sense to me”  Everyone benefits when this happens! Working Cooperatively

31   This is a time when you work by yourself  We will all work very quietly so that everyone can concentrate Independent Work

32   Groups are changed often and randomly  When we change groups it gives you a chance to : 1) work with someone new 2) sometimes meet somebody new 3) sometimes work with somebody you didn’t think you got along with Do We Get to Pick Our Partners ?


34  I don’t feel good

35   If you need to go to the Clinic, I will give you a pass.  If you can’t wait for a pass from me, just go and tell me you are headed to the Clinic. I will email her and tell her you have an ‘email pass’ to the Clinic.  In either case, get a pass from the Clinic when you leave. I don’t feel good

36   If I see your phone or any other electronic device, I will be taking it. Zero Tolerance for Electronics

37   There is a current syllabus for each chapter (sometimes the hard copy I give you at the beginning of the chapter must be adjusted).  There is Extra Practice with Answers for each section  There is a Homework Calendar with daily assignments posted ( on the day assigned ) Check out my web page

38   No passes are given within 20 minutes of the bell.  You must have your agenda, signed by me, to go anywhere. Leaving the room


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