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Music Rules & Procedures

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1 Music Rules & Procedures
Please read over the questions on the paper from the music stand. Answer any questions you can before we start.

2 Supplies Needed for Class
Pen or Pencil Folder Notebook Paper

3 More Detail Regarding Class Materials
If you forget a pen/pencil or paper, look on the bookshelf to see if there is any to borrow. Asking friends or the teacher for supplies will result in a mark of “unprepared” for the day. 2. You are expected to keep ALL music materials IN YOUR FOLDER. Folders are checked for content twice each nine weeks and are 25% of the grade.

4 What are the Rules? Rules Enter the room quietly.
NO food, candy or beverages. Listen and follow directions. Be respectful to your teacher and classmates.

5 Let’s Talk in a Bit More Detail About Rule 2
Rule #2 includes gum. Due to the expensive equipment that is in this classroom, gum is not allowed in the room at ANY TIME! Actually, you are not allowed to chew ANYTHING in the drama classroom. Do not chew paper, erasers, toothpicks or even the inside of your own mouth. If you are caught chewing anything at all the consequence will be to write the gum essay. If another teacher gives you gum, candy or food as a reward, do not expect to be able to eat it when you come to drama class. SAVE IT FOR LATER!

6 Consequences Verbal warning/change seat
2. Behavior Essay/Teacher conference 3. Parent Phone Call/Guidance After school detention

7 What do I do when I enter the room?
1. Look on the music stand for an assignment. 2. Read TV screen (or board) for additional directions. 3. Go directly to your assigned seat. 4. Begin work immediately.

8 Where should I put my personal belongings?
Please place your personal belongings underneath your chair. Do not use an empty chair next to you for your things or as a desk. You will need a book or clipboard to write on during class.

9 Where do you turn in your assignments?
Unless you are told otherwise, assignments are always turned in to the black tray on the bookshelf in the back corner.

10 What do I do if I finish my work early?
Do homework or read a book. a. If you do not have your own book, you may read books from the shelf. Please return any borrowed books before you leave. Listen to your iPod or MP3 player. b. Volume must be set so only you can hear the music. If it is too loud you will be asked to put it away.

11 iPods, MP3 Players, etc. You may listen to music as long as you remember the following: 1. You may only listen if you are doing INDIVIDUAL work. If working with a partner or in a group your attention must be on your fellow student(s). 2. You may NOT listen while the teacher is talking. If the teacher has something to say, please remove your headset and listen. 3. Volume must be low.

First and last name on EVERY paper. Class code on EVERY paper. No name papers will not be graded. Papers missing last names or class number will lose 5 points for each missing item.

13 When can I leave my seat to sharpen my pencil, etc?
You may leave your seat to throw something away or sharpen your pencil anytime that the teacher is NOT talking to the class.

A pencil sharpener is located in the white bin, on the bookshelf, in the back corner of the room. There are also scissors, rulers, tape and an “extra pen/pencil mug” that you may borrow from. PLEASE RETURN THEM AFTER USE!!!!! Stolen or misplaced items will NOT be replaced. Please consider donating some tissues and/or hand sanitizer. These items are not provided by the teacher.

15 Temperature I have NO control over the temperature in this classroom.
It WILL BE too cold in the summer and too hot in the winter. Please do not ask me any questions about the temperature of this room—there is nothing I can do!!!!!!!

16 Can you leave to get water?

17 What about passes to leave the room?
You have 3 passes to leave the room for the nine weeks. You may use them at any time for any reason (office, nurse, locker, etc.)

18 Pass Procedure Fill out the stamped section of your agenda. (After the date and time please add your destination). Bring your agenda to Ms. Starkey for a signature. Example: Ms. Starkey’s Quarterly Passes DATE 1/30/12 TIME 1:00—bathroom & Office 3. If the information is not filled out correctly I will tell you to go back to your seat.

TARDIES If you come to a closed door you are tardy. It doesn’t matter why—if you are late, you are late. If you don’t have a note from a teacher you must take a piece of paper from the red tardy envelope by the door. 1st Tardy: Copy paragraph 2nd Tardy: Copy paragraph, call home 3rd Tardy: Copy paragraph, after school detention

20 How do I make up assignments if I am absent?
When you come back to class check the make up assignments bin near the door. You will probably need to get notes from a classmate, if you do not get the notes you can find them at If you have been in ISS or OSS or have been out of school for several days, see Ms. Starkey after you pick up your assignments for any additional directions.

Why is the word MUSIC on the board? Letters are taken down for class discipline. If the class loses all five letters everyone must write an essay to remind them of the rules and procedures.

22 Let’s Have A Great Semester!

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