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The Cold War Which statement of beliefs laid the groundwork for U.S. Foreign Policy from 1947 until 2001 1. Bush Doctrine 2. Containment 3. Eisenhower.

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2 The Cold War

3 Which statement of beliefs laid the groundwork for U.S. Foreign Policy from 1947 until Bush Doctrine 2. Containment 3. Eisenhower Doctrine 4. Truman Doctrine 5. Marshall Plan 6. Both 2 & 5

4 Which European city is most likely associated with the Cold War 1. London 2. New York 3. Hiroshima 4. Rome 5. Berlin 6. Paris 7. Both 1 &

5 Identify the correct event which marked the beginning of the Nuclear Age 1. Tiananmen Square 2. Treaty of Versailles 3. Manhattan Project 4. Bombing of Hiroshima 5. Tokyo 6. Both 4 & 5

6 The Wealth of Nations, written by Adam Smith establish the economic theory of 1. Communism 2. Socialism 3. Utopianism 4. Marxism 5. Capitalism 6. Market Economy


8 Different World Views Capitalism V. Communism Private Ownership Government Ownership Individual Choices Government Dictation Profit, Competition Cooperation, Sharing

9 U.S.A v. U.S.S.R

10 People To Know: America Truman– U.S. Pres. ( ) Eisenhower– U.S. Pres ( ) George Marshall– Secretary of State ( )

11 People to know: Soviet Union Stalin– Dictator of Soviet Union ( ) Khrushchev – Soviet Premier ( )

12 The Cold War Dividing of Post War Germany Germany and Berlin divided into four sectors American French British Soviet

13 Berlin Air Lift Was a result of cold war tensions that were created due to the economic philosophies of Capitalism and Communism. Allies will announce new currency to be used in Western Germany. Violation of Potsdam Agreement

14 The Cold War Soviet Union will close all rail and road traffic to Berlin. Turn off all electric power to West Berlin Goal was to get the West to surrender West Berlin to the Soviets. Truman announces plan to utilize three air corridors to supply West Berlin Delivered 2 million tons of supplies over the next 11 months

15 The Cold War Results and Consequences of the Berlin Airlift. Creates tension between American and German Troops Form Federal Republic of Germany Soviet World Opinion takes a serious hit They were starving innocent people to accomplish their means.

16 The Cold War: Iron Curtain


18 Communist Expansion Many top U.S. officials had come to the conclusion that Soviet Russia was building a communist world Bulgaria Hungary Poland East Germany North Korea These countries would be known as Satellite Nations of the larger communist countries (USSR & Red China).

19 The Cold War Containment United States foreign policy stating the fact that they realized they could not change the Soviets but they would do whatever to prevent the further spreading of communism Significance:This will force the U.S. hand to solve the crisis in Korea and Vietnam.

20 The Cold War Truman Doctrine Painted the vivid picture that communism was a threat to the American way of life. This created a cause that Americans were bound to uphold. Truman will forgo tax cuts in order to fund the development and protection of Turkey and Greece. Both were actively fighting the insurrection of communists rebels.

21 U.S. response to U.S.S.R expansion was containment The Marshall Plan Developed by Secretary of State George Marshall. The economic infrastructure of Europe was so badly damaged the countries could produce very little. In order to fight off communism in Europe the United States spent $17 billion over the next 5 years to fund the redevelopment of Europe

22 U.S. response: continue The Marshall Plan Significance: Made available to all European Nations They must buy from American Companies Create economic growth in American increases government tax revenue to offset the cost of the plan. Seriously damaged the communist party in Western Europe.

23 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 1949 nine Western European nations joined the United States, Canada, and Iceland in a military alliance called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Under the terms of the NATO treaty, each member nation pledge to defend the others in the event of an outside attack

24 Warsaw Pact: Communism The Warsaw Pact is the name commonly given to the treaty between Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union, which was signed in Poland in 1955

25 Spheres of Influence during the Cold War

26 China Nationalist vs. Communist Nationalist leader--- Chiang-Kai-Shek Communist- Mao Zedong Americans support Shek to stop the Communist American flaw is that they didnt know Mao was a great leader and used Guerrilla warfare.


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