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The Cold War Begins Chapter 27 – Lesson 3.

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1 The Cold War Begins Chapter 27 – Lesson 3

2 What was the Cold War? U.S. fears that Soviet goal is world domination under Communism Soviet Union opposes UN peace keeping efforts Western Nations distrust Soviet Union This era of distrust is called the Cold War Weapons are mainly economics and politics Each nation stays armed

3 What was the Cold War? Soviet Union promised to hold democratic elections at Yalta Stalin did not keep his promise U.S. becomes worried about the spread of communism to European countries Small countries would not be able to defend themselves against the communists without U.S. help

4 Cold War Europe Map

5 What was the Cold War? An “iron curtain” has descended across the continent Dictators were supported by the Soviets Iron Curtain stands for the military weapons used to keep control of nations Believed the U.S. has power to stop the spread of communism

6 Containment Truman Doctrine – water spreads where there is no resistance $400 million to help Turkey & Greece fight off communist intrusion Containment Policy

7 The Marshall Plan Secretary of State George C. Marshall asks European leaders to see how much money it would take to rebuild their countries after the war Four-year, multibillion dollar plan is proposed Congress agreed to fund Europe's recovery


9 Berlin Airlift In 1948, Soviets blockade East Berlin from Federal Republic of Germany Truman orders airlift For more than one year planes carried supplies to Berlin Finally the Soviet Union ended the blockade

10 Why is NATO Formed? Blockade makes U.S. think about forming a group for their shared protection 1949 – Canada, U.S., and 10 European countries form the North Atlantic Treaty Organization An attack on one member would be an attack on all members NATO has its own military force U.S. volunteered 350,000 troops

11 Review Questions Democratic countries tried to limit Communism during the ____________. ___________ considers an attack on one member of its organization to be an attack on all members. The _______ was a Communist country. The _______ was an attempt to keep Communism from spreading in areas where there was little resistance. The ______ was a plan to help Europe after the war.

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