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1. (adj.)________ 2. (n.)_________ 3. (n.)___________ 4. (n.)__________ 5. (n.)___________ 6. (adj.)_________ 7. __________ 8. ________________ 9. _________________.

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Presentation on theme: "1. (adj.)________ 2. (n.)_________ 3. (n.)___________ 4. (n.)__________ 5. (n.)___________ 6. (adj.)_________ 7. __________ 8. ________________ 9. _________________."— Presentation transcript:

1 1. (adj.)________ 2. (n.)_________ 3. (n.)___________ 4. (n.)__________ 5. (n.)___________ 6. (adj.)_________ 7. __________ 8. ________________ 9. _________________ 10. ---_____________________ 11. A B_____________________ 12. _________________________ 13. --- _____________________ 14. ___________________ 15. --- ___________________ changeablepopulation vocationharbor atmosphere ancient a variety of be situated/located in; lie in with a long history keep doing sth think of A as B cover an area of consist of; be made up of thousands of be famous for

2 Learning goals: to master key uses of situate, offer; to mastrer uses of the inversion; to encourage students to build their knowledge system.

3 1. It offers an excellent record. offer(vt), e,g, offer sth offer sb sth sth to sb suppply/provide sb with sth sth for sb

4 2. The town is situated in the heart of the English mildlands. be situated/located in lie in Our school is situated/located in/lies in the north of the city. The school lying in/ situated in/ located in the north of the city is ours.

5 lie in lie to _________ lie on _________ lie(vi_) lie(vi_) lay(vt_) lied lying lay laid lying laid laying

6 1 1) The boy _________(lie) to have two days off. 2) He ________(lie) on the ground, looking at the sky. 3) You should not _________(lay) the book on the table. We will have dinner. lied lay

7 2 1) She _______ that all plates still ______ where she had _____ them. 2012 A. lied, lay, laid B. lied, lied, laid C. lied, lay, lain D. lied, lied, lain 2) Taiwan lies ______ the east of China, and Fujian lies ______ the east of Zhejiang. And Japan lies ______ the east of China. A. in, on, to B. to, on, in C. in, in, on D. to, in, on 3) He was astonished to find dozens of empty wine bottles ______________ on the floor. A. lied B. laying C. lying D. lain 4) Sanmao is a town, ______ in the middle of Yangzhong. A. lied B. situate C. locating D. situated 5) The museum ______ in the northeast of the city.(2011 ) A. sit B. located C. lies D. stand A A C D lying located C

8 3. In the harbor sits Denmarks best-known landmark: the Little Mermaid. Denmarks best-known lanmark: the Little Mermaid sits in the harbor.

9 (1) _______________________________ _________( / ). ( / ) ( / / / ) _______________ a) The bus comes here. Here _______________. b) The girl came out. Out ________________. c) She ran out. Out ________________. comes the bus came the girl she ran now, then, here, there, out

10 (2) ___________ ______( / ) ________________. a) A temple stands on the top of a hill. On the top of a hill _________________________. b) A frightening sound came from valley. From the valley ________________________________. stands a temple came a frightening sound

11 (3) only +________________________ __________( / ) _______________ only + ________________. a) He can get a sense of happiness only there. Only there ___________ a sense of happiness. b) I finished the novel only this afternoon. Only this afternoon _________________the novel. c) He realized that he had left his book at home only when the class began. Only when the class began ___________that he had left his book at home. d) Mary Only Mary _______(know) it. can he get did I finish did I realize knew

12 (4) _________ _______ little,_______________________________, not only---but also ______________________________________ _______ a) I shall never do this again. Never _________ do this again. b) He knew little who the woman was. Little _____________ who the woman was. hardly, seldom, never, nowhere hardly---when---, no sooner---than---, not until ----+ shall I did he know

13 c) Not only______________ on the road( ), it can also fly in the sky. d) Hardly ________________( ) when it began to rain. e) No sooner ________________( ) than it began to rain. f) not---until I didnt go until she came. Not until ________________________. ( ) It was ____________________ that _______________. can it run had he arrived she came did I go. not untill she came I go

14 (5) so---that( --- ) so--- ____________ a) He drove so carelessly that he almost killed himself. So carelessly _____________ that he almost killed himself. did I drive

15 (6) _____________ _________. a) He has been to Beijing. So _________________. b) Li Lei cant answer the question. Neither ______________. so, neither, nor have I can I

16 7 if _______________________ a) If I were not so busy, I should go with you. _________________ b) If he had been here yesterday, he would have been come to watch the match. _______________________ c) If it should rain tomorrow, the sports meeting would be put off. _______________________ Were I not so busy Had he been here yesterday Should it rain tomorrow were, had, should

17 (8) adj/adv/v/n+as( )+ n. a) Pretty as she is, she is not clever.( ) __________________________ b) Much as I like it, I will not buy it.( ) __________________________ c) Try as he would, he might fail again.( ) __________________________ d) Child as he was, he had to make a living.( ) __________________________

18 (9) May you succeed! ___________________________

19 (1 No sooner ________ asleep than she heard a knock at the door.(2009 ) A. she had fallen B. had she fallen C. she fell D. she did fall (2)Not until all the fish died in the lake _________ how serious the water pollution was.(2011 ) A. the villagers realized B. the villagers did realize C. realized the villegers D. did the villagers realize (3) _________ my advice, youwould have got the tickets for the Cup Final. 2011 A. Had you taken B. You had taken C. If you take D. If you have taken B D A

20 (4) _______ the new year bring you health, happines and good luck. (2012 ) A. May B. Could C. Can D. Might (5) Seldom _______ computers games ever since he entered college. (2012 ) A. did he play B. he played C. has he played D. he has played (6) _______, he still finds it difficult to work out the problem.(2008 ) A. He is clever B. Clever as is he C. Clever as he is D. As he is clever A C C

21 (7) Only in this way _______ do it well. A. must we B. we could C. can we D. we can (8) ______ your letter, I would have started two days ago. A. If I could have received B. If I received C. Should I receive D. Had I receive (9) Not untill the bell rang _______ in. A. do they come B. came they C. did they come D. they came C D C

22 (10) At the gate ______ a soldier ______ uniform. A. lying, in B. lain, worn C. laid, dressing D. lay, in (11) Look! There ___________ the bus! A. will come B. comes C. has come D. is coming (12) Not only ______ a writer but he was an artist. A. he is B. he was C. is he D. was he D B D

23 (13) Not a single mistake _________ in the dictation yesterday. A. did he make B. made by him C. he made D. he had made (14) No sooner ______ his talk than he _________ the workers. A. he finished, surrounded all B. did he finish, did surround C. had he finish, was surrounded by D. after he finished, was wurround near (15) –I hear Yang Yan made a sppech at the meeting. -- _______, and _______. A. so she did, so did I B. so did she, so I did C. so she was, so I was D. so was she, so I was A C A

24 1. _____________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________ 4. _____________________________________________ 5. (in no way). _____________________________________________

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