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Language Language. had + hadnt + Had …+ : Yes, + had. No, + hadnt. Id, hed, wed, theyd.

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1 Language Language


3 had + hadnt + Had …+ : Yes, + had. No, + hadnt. Id, hed, wed, theyd.

4 1 by last year, by the time…, by nine ocolck yesterday, by ten oclock this moening, before 8 oclock this morning

5 e.g. 1.By nine oclock yesterday evening, I had finished my piano lesson. 2. Before ten oclock this morning, she had done the work. 3.The bus had left by the time they arrived.

6 2. e.g. 1.When we got home, we learnt that the police had just been to the flats. 2.When Mr.Li got to the class, all the students had began reading. 2. Mary began to dry her hair with a hairdryer. She had already washed it.

7 3 for ( ) since ( ), : 1. They had lived in Guangzhou since 2004 and last month,they moved to Shenzhen. 2. I had not seen my friend Amy for a long time,so Last Sunday I went to visit her.

8 Do exercises page50 B2

9 1. He ______ in Shanghai University for four years before he ______ Beijing. A. studied, had gone B. had studied, went C. has studied, goes D. had studied, had gone

10 4 B

11 2. Mary said it was at least five years since he ______ a good drink. A. enjoyed B. was enjoying C. had enjoyed D. would enjoy It was + +since C

12 3. Xiao Pei said she ______ Hainan for 3 months. A. has been in B. had been in C. had been to D. had gone to Have been to have gone to have beenin. B.

13 + +when ( ) Tom was surprised that most of the guests _____ leave) when he ______ (arrive)at the party. had left arrived

14 + +by : We _____ four thousand new words by the end of last year. A. had learned B. have learned C. learned D. will have learned by last year, A

15 + +by the time ( ) : He _________________( already build) his own lab by the time he ______(be) ten. had already built was

16 + +before ( ) : He __________(study) English for five years before he ______( come) here. had studied came

17 It was+ +since+ + : They asked me to have a drink with th em. I said that it was at least ten years since I ___ a good drink. A. had enjoyed B. was enjoying C. enjoyed D. had been enjoying A

18 1. Betty __ (be) not in. She____ (go) to the library. She ___ (leave) two hours ago and she _____ (be) back in half an hour. is went left will be

19 2. Flora __ (be) a good teacher. She ______ (teach) us geography. Thirty years ago she _____ (come) to our school and ______ (begin) to teach. She ________ (be) a teacher since then. isteaches came began has been

20 3. Look! The rain _____ (stop) and the sun _____ (shine) again. Why not go out? 4. George _____ (go) to Hong Kong. He is not here. 5. Henry ________ (be) to Hong Kong. He has got lots of photos of this city. stops shines went has been

21 6. Jack _______ (be) in Hong Kong for two weeks. He is now visiting some interesting places there. 7. - _____ you ____ (see) the cartoon Lotus Lantern? - No, not yet. 8. There _____ (be) another bridge across the river in the coming year. has been Have seen will be

22 9. The sun _____ (rise) in the east. 10. The moon ____ (rise). Now it _________ (hang) high up in the sky. 11. Linda ___ (get) two postcards from her uncle just now. 12. It was already eleven oclock. Kate _______________ (still, work) on the maths problems. rises is hanging got was still working

23 13. We ___________ (have) supper. Suddenly the light ____ (go) out. 14. Mary __________ (not, go) over her lessons carefully and she _____ (fail) the exam again. 15. - ___ the train _______ (arrive)? - No. It ________ (come) in four minutes. were having went hadnt gone failed Has arrived will come

24 1. He _______ to school tomorrow. A. isnt going B. doesnt go C. goes 2. They are going hiking ______. A. next Sunday B. on Sundays C. on the evening 3. How is she _____ to the bookstore? A. go B. goes C. going

25 4. He likes _______. A. collect B. collecting C. collects 5. Are you going to _____ the museum with me? A. visit B. visits C. visiting 6. Wheres Sarah? She ______ insects. A. watches B. watching C. is watching

26 7. ____ Ann work at a primary school? A. Are B. Do C. Does 8. My mother often _____ sports in the evening. A. do B. does C. doing 9. Everyone cant ______ water. A. leaves B. live C. leave

27 10. Each student in our class _____ hard. A. studies B. studied C. studying 11. Listen. Some girls _______. A. sing B. are singing C. sang 12. She ____ her bag yesterday. A. washes B. washed C. is washing 13. Tom usually ______ her grandparents on Sundays. A. visits B. visiting C. visit

28 14. Lets _______ an English class now. A. have B. having C. has 15. Look. He ____ a book. A. reads B. reading C. is reading 16. We ______ mountains next Saturday. A. climb B. are climbing C. are going to climb

29 17. What ____ you ______ this weekend? A. do, do B. are, doing C. are, going to do 18. _____ you ______ the football game this afternoon? A. Do, watch B. Are, watching C. Are, going to watch 19. ____ you feel well? A. Are B. Is C. Do

30 20. My throat _____. A. is hurt B. sore C. hurts 21. – What ____ your teacher like? – Hes strong. A. do B. does C. is 22. ______ the robot tired? A. Does B. Do C. Is 23. _____ your nose sore? A. Do B. Does C. Is

31 24. Does the girl _____ a cold? A. has B. have C. had 25. ____ he busy last Sunday? A. Did B. Does C. Was 26. What ____ you do every Sunday morning? A. do B. does C. did 27. My father often ____ a trip with us on holidays. A. take B. took C. takes

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