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MODULE 1 How to learn English

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1 MODULE 1 How to learn English
Unit 3 Language in use

2 Review the words and sentences:
translate correct match number grammar pronunciation spelling mistake newspaper message excellent orchestra language improve conversation remember 1. You should speak English in class. 2. And why don’t you write down the correct words? 3. It’s a good idea to check your vocabulary notebook. 4. Everyone should have a pen friend. 5. How about listening to the radio in English. 6. Try to remember eight or ten words a day.

3 □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Part1 Why don’t we…? 2.How about…? 3......should ......?
Listen and check Part1 : Why don’t we…? 2.How about…? should ? 4.We can...... 5.Let's try to...... 6.Can you......? 7.Remember to…

4 Listen and answer: 1.What's is Charlie's problem?
2.How will Mary help him? 3.When does Charlie think they should meet? 4.Why does Mary want to invite other students,too? 5.Why does Charlie think borrowing magazines might be a good idea? He's finding his English homework difficult. She offers to work with him. After school that day. Because they may like to join in . So they can help each other with difficult vocabulary.

5 Mary:Hi,Charlie.What's wrong?
Charlie:Hi,Mary.I'm finding this English homework really difficult. Mary:Why don't we work together ? It will help us both. about meeting after school today? Mary:Good idea.We should tell the rest of the class.Perhaps other students would like to join us. Charlie:Yes,we can start a study group! Let's meet every Monday afternoon after school,in our English class.

6 Mary :Can you make a poster about our club?
That way ,everyone will know about it. Remember to put the time and placeon it. Charlie:We should ask our English teacher to let us borrow some magazines.Then we could read them together.and help each other with difficult vocabulary. Mary :Great !Let's go and talk to her immediately.

7 4. speak /Chinese /in class He speaks Chinese in class.
Look at the pictures on the book. Make sentences and say if Jack is a good student, and then give him some advice. 1. go to bed /late He goes to bed very late. 2. get up /late He gets up late. 3. not listen /teacher He doesn’t listen to the teacher. 4. speak /Chinese /in class He speaks Chinese in class. 5. not write /words /groups He doesn’t write words in groups. 6. get /bad marks He gets bad marks at last. Advice: He should get up early in the morning .

8 If Jack wants to be healthier,______________
Look at the pictures in activity 3 and write down what Jack should do or shouldn’t do. If Jack wants to be healthier,______________ _________________________________. 2. If Jack wants to learn English well, ___________ ___________________________________. 3. If Jack wants to get good marks, _____________ ___________________________________ 4. If Jack wants to speak English well, __________ 5. If Jack wants to remember more words, _______ _______________________________________. He should go to bed before 9:30, he shouldn’t go to bed too late. He should listen to the teacher carefully, he shouldn’t talk in class He should put his heart into it and do more practice. He should always speak English in class, he shouldn’t speak Chinese. He should write words in groups and check them often.

9 Look at the table. These are Tom’s problems, then try your best to give him some advice.
It’s difficult to remember new words. I want to listen to some English songs. I’m afraid to speak to a foreigner. It’s hard to understand a film in English. I can’t find my dictionary. I want to know where the park is.

10 Read the letter, find out Helen’s problem.
Dear Language Doctor, I like English very much. My reading is good, but how can I practise speaking English? From Helen The Language Doctor Room112 Angel Street New York U.S.A What's Helen’s problem?

11 She is not good at speaking
English but she doesn't know how to practise speaking English.

12 Read the letter and find out the Language Doctor’s advice.
Helen No.6 Middle school New York U.S.A

13 Read the letter then choose the
right words to finish the letter

14 Hello Helen, You should read some English every day. It’s good for your vocabulary. Then (1) you look for some people who speak English in your town? (2) saying hello to them and asking them where they come from? (3) make friends and show them around your town. Is there an English club in your town? If there isn’t, (4) you start one with your friends? How about playing a few games and listening to some music? You can watch an English films together, and (6) speak English all the time. Then you (7) invite your new English friends to your club! Best wishes, Language Doctor why don’t How about Remember to why don’t should try to

15 According to the letter and the advice, and then say “Yes or No”.
1.Helen doesn’t like English. ( ) No 2. Helen’s reading is very good. ( ) Yes 3. Helen’s speaking English is bad. Yes ( ) 4. The Language Doctor gives some good advice toHelen. ( ) Yes 5. The Language Doctor suggests Helen to find a pen friend. ( ) No

16 What's the Language Doctor’s advice?
1.Read English every day. 2.Make friends with people who speak English and try to talk with them in English. 3. Start an English club with her friends. 4. Listen to some English music and watch an English film together with her friends. 5. Try to speak English all the time.

17 Do exercises: ask 1. Follow the model to make sentences: sentence
answer check correct listen look read translate write sentence answer question book meaning conversation grammar word spelling to at down up for a the your Model: read a book, look at the sentence, check your answer…

18 2. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
check choose correct improve match number Choose the correct answer. your English by listening to the radio. the pictures in the order you hear them. the mistakes in these sentences. the pictures with the paragraphs. (6) your spelling and punctuation. Improve Number Correct Match Check

19 翻译词组 1.写下___________ 2.互相____________ 3.新学期__________ 4.看报纸 __________
1.写下___________ 2.互相____________ 3.新学期__________ 4.看报纸 __________ 5.犯错误 __________ 6.还有什么_________ 7.一些建议_________ 8.把…译成_________ 9.为什么不__________ 10.尽力去做…________ 11.forget to do______________ 12。help sb. with sth.______________________ 13. study plan__________________ 14. grammar mistakes _____________________ some concerts ___________________ write down each other read newspaper new term make mistakes What else some advice translate… into Why not try to do… 忘记做... 帮助某人做... 学习计划 语法错误 举行音乐会

20 2. I want to go out and ______________in the open air.
enjoy oneself all the time ask for take a deep breath have a conversation how about why don’t you a good idea 1. You should speak English_____________________, if you want to speak English well. 2. I want to go out and ______________in the open air. 3. __________________ doing more oral practice? 4. Did you _____________ at the party yesterday, Jack? 5. I _________________with my teacher one hour ago. 6. I think reading newspapers in English might be_______________. 7. The little boy got lost. He is ________________ a policeman _________ help now. 8. _____________________ go to school by bike? all the time take a deep breath How about enjoy yourself had a conversation a good idea asking for Why don’t you

21 翻译: give you some advice in should always speak class and I send
1.我将给你们一些学英语的建议。 I’m going to _______ ________ _______ ________ _______ __________ English. 2. 课堂上你应该总是说英语。 You _______ _______ _______ English _______ _________. 3. 我和我的笔友互相发电子邮件。 My pen friend _______ _______ _______ s to _____ _______. 4. 不要忘记每天检查你的词汇本。 _________ ________ ________ _______ your ____________ notebook everyday. 5. 尽量不要逐字翻译。 ________ ________ _________ __________ every word. give you some advice about studying in should always speak class and I send each other Don’t forget to check vocabulary Try not to translate

22 structure: Why don’t sb do sth.…? 2. Why not do… ?
3. How about doing…? 4. What about doing …? 5. Would you like to do…? 6. Let’s do… . 7. Should I / we do…? 8. try to do /try not to do 9.Don’t forget to do / Remember to do… 10.It's a good idea to do......

23 Complete the dialogue

24 A: Welcome to our English language club
A: Welcome to our English language club. Today we’re going to 1)______ about how to learn English. B: Do you learn English by 2)________ to English radio programs? A: Yes, Listening to the radio can help me 3)_______ my listening. B: My advice is to 4)______ mistakes in your exercise book and exam. A: You’re right, I always 5)________ my spelling with a dictionary. B; And you should 6)_____ an English newspaper, 7)______ Student English Times. A: That’s a 8)_______ idea. B: And you shouldn’t 9)_________ every word. Try to 10)____________ the spelling and meaning of every word. A: Great! Thanks a lot. talk listening improve correct check read like good translate understand

25 Homework: Make an English study plan for yourself for this year.
1. Do you have problems in learning English? 2. Do you think you are a good student?Why? 3. Do you make an English study plan for yourself for this year? Homework: Make an English study plan for yourself for this year.

26 Goodbye!

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