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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

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1 Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
Section B

2 talking with a policeman
Lead in What was each person doing when the UFO took off? talking with a policeman taking photos eating ice cream riding a bike

3 What were they doing when you saw them?
jumping shouting climbing following

4 1. Match the sentences with the pictures.
1. ______ He’s scared. 2. ______ It’s climbing a tree. 3. ______ It’s jumping down. 4. ______ She’s shouting. c scared d b a cat

5 Presentation       Action 1. saw a cat in a tree
2a Listen. Check () the six things you hear in the chart. Action 1. saw a cat in a tree 2. called the newspaper 3. called the TV station 4. took a photo 5. said “Good boy!” 6. was too scared 7. called the police 8. rode his bicycle

6 2b Listen again. Write the letter of who did each thing in the following chart.
a. the newspaper reporter d. the woman b. the man e. John c. the cat f. the police officer

7 Action Who 1. saw a cat in a tree 5. said “Good boy!” 2. called the newspaper 6. was too scared 3. called the TV station 7. called the police 4. took a photo 8. rode his bicycle f e d c b a

8 Pairwork Talk about the people in activity 2a. Student A begins a sentence with the word “while”. Student B completes the sentence. A: While John was walking to school… B: While John was walking to school, he saw a cat in a tree.

9 3 Read the article. Then write answers to the questions.
1. What was Linda doing when Davy ran away? 2. Why couldn’t Linda see Davy? 3.Where was Davy while Linda was looking for him? Linda was buying a newspaper at the train station. Linda couldn’t see Davy because the station was crowded. Davy was outside the station.

10 4. What happened while Linda was on the telephone?
5.What was Davy doing when Linda finally saw him? Davy met another dog outside the station. Davy was jumping and running with another dog.

11 Tell a story What does Linda love? Where did they go?
What happened while Linda was buying a newspaper? Then what did she do? What happened while she was talking on the telephone? What did Linda do while the police were coming? What was it doing when Linda saw Davy finally?

12 4a Use these pictures to write a story One day a girl was going to the park at 11:00 in the morning. She put her bike near the sea. She saw two boys swimming in the sea. At 11:15, while she was sitting, a thief took her bike away. A moment later, she found her bike was lost. Then she called the police.

13 Pairwork Role play. Student A was in the park last Sunday. Student B is a police officer. Talk about what was happening at these times. A: Where were you at 11:00 am last Sunday? B: I was in the park. A: What were you doing there? B: … 11:00 am 11:10 am 11:15 am 11:20 am 11:25 am

14 take off get out land shout shop
Self-check 1 Fill in the blanks with the words given. take off get out land shout shop 1. The girl was _________ when she saw a car accident. 2. I was so tired this morning. It was difficult to _________ of bed. 3. My flight to New York ________ from Beijing International Airport. 4. It was raining when the plane _________ in London. 5. Don’t ________! I can hear you. shopping get out took off landed shout

15 Look at what He Yan did yesterday
Look at what He Yan did yesterday. Write what you were doing at these times. 2 9:00—9:30 at the doctor’s 10:00—11:00 had English class 12:00—1:00 had lunch with her mother 2:00—3: 30 visited aunt in hospital 4:00—5:00 went shopping

16 While He Yan was at the doctor’s, I was going to the class.
While she was having English class, I was having a test. While she was having lunch with her mother, I was playing in the park. While she was visiting her aunt in hospital, I was studying in the classroom. While she was going shopping, I was going home.

17 3 Circle the words that don’t belong. 1. walk climb jump down alien
2. bathroom bedroom newspaper kitchen 3. barber UFO cut hair barber shop 4. when scared while how long

18 Practice 单项选择 1.He _____ his bicycle when the UFO took off.
A. was riding B. is riding C. has ridden D. rides 2.My mother was reading while my father ____the football match on TV. A. watches B. was watching C. is watching D. watched 3.____the boy was walking to school ,he saw the cat in the tree. A. if B. because C. while D. when

19 4. While I _____ on the phone, someone knocked at the door.
A. talk B. talking C. am talking D. was talking 5. What _____ while Mary was shopping in a mall? A. happen B. happens C. will happen D. happened

20 Homework Write a short story happened on your way to school.

21 Fear always springs from ignorance.

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