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Unit 2 No one knew who I was.

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1 Unit 2 No one knew who I was.
Module 2 Friendship Unit 2 No one knew who I was.

2 Revision: 我可以给你带个口信吗? Can I _____ a _________ ? 2. 你知道Sally到了吗?
Do you know _____ Sally has ______ ? 3. 我问过你的秘书她是否能来。 I asked your secretary ______ she could come _______ _______. 4. 你能告诉我,你来自哪里吗? Can you tell me _____ _____ ______ from? 5. 事实上,我正在学中文。 ______ ______, I’m studying Chinese. take message if arrived whether or not where you are In fact

3 Can you tell me where you’re from? 模仿,造句:
主句 宾语从句 1) Who is Miss Lin? 2) Where were you yesterday? 3) Why are you so tired? 4) Whose book is it? 5) When are you leaving? Can you tell me…? 1) Who Miss Lin is? 2) Where you were yesterday? 3) Why you are so tired? 4) Whose book it is? 5) When you are leaving?

4 Wh-clause as objects : 从句是特殊疑问句的宾语从句。 从句的引导词就是特殊提问词, 不能省略。
从句的句式要由疑问句的句式变为陈述句的句式。 当主句的时态是一般现在时,从句的时态应保持原来的 时态。当主句的时态是一般过去时时, 宾语从句的时态也应和过去时有关.(客观真理除外)。 5 标点应随着主句的句式的变化而变化.

5 What does the dog ask the bear?
“what do you like?” What does the dog ask the bear? The dog asks what the bear likes.

6 What does Mimi ask Miaomiao?
“Where did you have fish?” What does Mimi ask Miaomiao? She asks Miao Miao where he had fish.

7 He asks who is on his head. “Who is on my head?”
What does the pig ask? He asks who is on his head.

8 He asked where they were going.
“Where are we going?” What did Piggy ask? He asked where they were going.

9 When will we have supper?
What did baby cat ask his mother? He asked his mother when they would have supper.

10 He asked how his holiday was.
How is your holiday? What did Mimi ask Mr Dog? He asked how his holiday was.

11 What are you doing, my friends?
What did the Bambi ask? What are you doing, my friends? He asked what his friends were doing.

12 Do you know? Where is the park?
I want to know. What will you do? She asks. How does Lily go to school? Can you tell me? When did you watch TV? I don’t know. Which skirt does Lucy like? Can you show me? How do you drive a car? Who knows. Who has broken the window. Miss Li asked Jim :“What time do you get up?” Do you know where the park is? I want to know what you will do? She asks how Lily goes to school. Can you tell me when you watched TV? I don’t know which skirt Lucy likes. Can you show me how you drive a car? Who knows who has broken the window? Miss Li asked Jim what time he got up.

13 Reading

14 Choose the best answer. 1.Why was the smile an important gift?
a). Zhang Bei’s old school was far away. b). Zhang Bei didn’t know who the boy was. c). It made Zhang Bei feel happy, lively and warm. d). The smile didn’t mean anything to the boy.

15 2.Why couldn’t Zhang Bei talk to anyone about her problem?
a )Because she didn’t want her parents to worry about her. b) Because she didn’t have any friends in her new school. c) Because she was in the first year at a junior high school. d) Because she was always unhappy.

16 3.Why do you think the boy smiled?
a). He was happy to see his friends. b). He saw Zhang Bei was unhappy. c). He really liked Zhang Bei. d). He was a very friendly boy and smiled at everyone.

17 4.How did the smile change her life?
a) She began to make friends. b) She became best friends with the boy. c) Her parents didn’t worry about her any more. d) She realized that it’s important to smile people.

18 5.Where does she now think her feeling of unhappiness came from?
a) From her old school. b) From other people in the world. c) From herself. d) From the children at the new school.

19 Language points: was No one knows who I was. one---- “ 没有人,无人” (否定含义) = nobody , 作主语时,谓语只用单数形式。 No one ______(be) in the room when I entered. none 可以指人也可以指物,表示三者或三者以上中“没有任何人或物”常与of 短语连用。作主语时谓语动词用单数或复数皆可,但of 后为不可数名词时,谓语动词只能用单数 真题回放:They were all very tired, but ____ of them would stop to take a rest. A. both B. all C. none D. neither was

20 I was very lonely, and afraid to make friends with anyone.
2. lonely与alone 的区别 --- Do you feel ______ when you are ______ at home? --- No, I always have lots of thing to do. 3. be afraid to do sth. “不敢做某事” (强调动作) be afraid of (doing) sth. “担心/害怕(做)某事” (强调出现某种后果) The boy was afraid to climb the ladder, because he was afraid of falling down from it. 4. make friends with sb. “和…交朋友“ lonely alone

21 Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, …
5. hear sb. doing sth. 听见某人正在做某事 hear sb. do sth. 听见某人做了某事 --- Do you often hear Wei Hua _____English in his room? ---- Listen! Now we can hear him _____ English in his room. A. read, to read B. reading; reading C. read; reading D. to read; reading

22 Learn by heart: senior high school 高中 far away 遥远 worry about 担心
as usual 像往常一样 at the moment 在那时 without a word 一言不发 day by day 日复一日 remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

23 Learn by heart: 9. an important gift 一份重要的礼物 10. feel lonely 觉得孤独
11. sit at the desk 坐在桌前 turn back 转过身 change one’s life 改变某人的生活 all the dark days 所有黑暗的日子 smile at sb 对某人微笑

24 Choose the best answer:
--- Is that Betty speaking? ---- Sorry, She’s out. May I ________? A. take a message B. leave a message C. give a message D. write a message 2. I asked him ______ with him. A. what matter it is B. what’s the matter C. what matter was D. what was the matter 3. My school is 2 kilometres ______ my home. A. away B. away from C. far away D. far away from

25 4. I don’t know ________. A. when will the train leave B. how he’s going to Beijing. C. where does the man live D. what’s his name Do you feel like _____ or shall we go by bus? --- I prefer to walk, but we have _____ a taxi, for time is short. A. walking; to take B. to walk; take C. walking; taken D. to walk; took

26 6. Our city is becoming more and more beautiful _______.
A. day and night B. day by day C. the other day D. some day Have you heard today’s weather forecast? --- Yes, Better weather is _____. We can expect an outing. A. in the way B. by the way C. on the way D. in this way 8. _____ your help, I can’t make so much progress. A. With B. Under C. Below D. Without

27 Look at the passage again
Look at the passage again. Find paragraphs that describe the following stages. What happened and when Where she was and how she felt. Why she felt that way. What happened one day. What happened suddenly. What happened after this. What happened later. What she thinks now. ---paragraph 1 ---P 2 ---P 3 ---P 4 ---P 5 ---P 6 ---P 7 ---P 8

28 Goodbye !

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