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Unit 15 A famous detective A famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

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2 Unit 15 A famous detective A famous detective

3 Sherlock Holmes



6 Noises in the night expert ---- expert advice Person---personal ----personal affairs Personal problem Metal ----a metal chest \a metal wire Metallic ---metallic noise Whistle –a long low whistle --- a sharp whistle----scream

7 Furniture -----little furniture (U) ---a piece of furniture House ----kitchen --- bedroom---living room---sitting room ----garden---- floor–a house of 3 storeys ---hall uncle---aunt nephew –niece

8 1.Well known for his expert advice, he was able to help … (P14) As he was well known for his expert advice,he was able … Born into a poor family,he had only two years of schooling.(As he was born … )

9 ______ more attention, the tree could have grown better. a.Given b. To give c. Giving d. Having give ________, water may become steam. a.Heated b. Heating c. Having heated d. To heat

10 I will spend the night locked in your room. locked in your room He walked into office,followed by two guards. The old man stood up,supported by his son. They spent the night working out the problem.

11 Encouraged by Jim s words,he continued his work. Seen from the hill,the town looks beautiful. (When/If it is seen from the hill, … ) Seeing that her won the game,she smiled.

12 2. A lady came to Holmes for help. Her uncle seemed to be acting rather strangely towards her. (para2) seem, to be acting He seems to be working for day and night, because I always see him in the classroom.

13 He seems to leave at once. (seem to do) What seems easy to some people seems difficult to others. (seem +adj.) It seems that he will leave for Shanghai. (It seems/seemed that …..)

14 3.quarrel v. quarrel with sb.about/over sth. The six blind men quarrelled with each other over the elephant. It s no use quarrelling about it with me. quarrel(n) The young couple had a quarrel with each other about housework.

15 4.I dare say. I dare say no one can catch up with him. ( I dare say ) We ll certainly win the game,I dare say. ( I dare say ) I dare say we ll certainly win the game.

16 dare (1) I dare not sleep in that room again. (2)--Dare you go swimming in the sea? --No,I dare not. (3) If you dare speak like that again, you ll be sorry.

17 dare toto --- Who dares to break the window? ---I don t dare to (do). How did you dare to tell him the truth? Mary doesn t dare (to)leave the house as the guard was outside. Need

18 5After Holmes heard what the lady said, he decided …… (p14 middle) It will be necessary for to pay you a visit and see where you live. … =pay sb. a visit =pay a visit to sb. =visit sb visit a place =pay a visit to a place

19 6.He examined the red bell rope,the end of which lay upon the pillow of the bed.(p14,the last line) There was an armchair and on a table next to it were two pipes.(p15,the fifteenth line) Around his head was a brown snake. (p16, the last second line)

20 Between the two lakes_____a high tower. A.stand B.stands C.standing standing

21 Here it is. In he came. Here you are. Here comes the bus. Only in this way can you save him. Young as he is, he goes to school. Hard as he worked, he couldnt pass the exam. Hardly had I entered the room when the bell rang.

22 7.Holmes told the lady what is wrong with the role. I can see it fastened to a nail next to the hole in the wall.( p15 beginning) see/hear/watch/find/get … sb./sth.+P.P)

23 We saw the World Trade Centre ______by two planes. I want to watch the film ________. Youd better have your hair______. All of us found the money _______by a thief. destroyed filmed cut stolen

24 8.there was a rope with the end tied in a circle.(p15 middle) with+N+P.P All the afternoon he worked with the door locked. with+ sb./sth +doing/done/adj/ pre.phrase/infinitive ….

25 With the boy helping us,we found the village easily. With trees and flowers planted everywhere,the city look beautiful. He likes reading with the window open. Mother came in,with a basket in her hand. Don t be worried with 10 minutes to go.

26 9.There is no doubt about it.(p15 the last para ) She is an honest girl,there is no doubt it. There s no doubt that you will be warmly welcome. I doubt if/whether he can come.

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