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She is beautiful ! She is so beautiful! What a beautiful girl!

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2 She is beautiful ! She is so beautiful! What a beautiful girl!

3 Advance with English (module 8) Unit 4 Grammar Emphasis( )

4 does did He does learn English well He did tell me the news. Do write to me when you get there Do teach him a lesson!

5 2. very only single such 1. Thats the very textbook we used last term. 2. You are the only person here who can speak Chinese. 3. Not a single person has been in the shop this morning. 4. How dare you buy such expensive jewels?

6 3. very, just, ever, terribly, awfully, definitely, truly, really 1). Youve got to be very, very careful 2). This is just what I want 3). Why ever did you do so 4). He got up terribly late that morning, so he missed the exam. 5). Mary felt awfully/really sorry that she broke the window the other day. 6). What he said and did definitely impressed all present at the meeting. 7).It is a truly beautiful picture.

7 4. in the world on earth at all What in the world is he doing Today it is not hot at all.

8 5. How interesting a story it is Oh, what a lie

9 6. On the table were some flowers. ( ) Only in this way, can we solve this problem, Happy are those who are content.

10 7. It is /was + +that (who/whom) +

11 I bought this car in that shop last month. 1. It was I who/that bought this car in that shop last month. ( ) 2. It was this car that I bought in that shop last month. ( ) 3. It was in that shop that I bought this car last month. ( ) 4. It was last month that I bought this car in that shop. ( )

12 Is/Was it + + that + ---- Is it the dictionary that you are looking for? Was it yesterday that he was fired?

13 What is it that you want me to do ? Who was it that told you the news? When was it that you got up this morning? How was it that you succeeded? +is/was +it +that +-----

14 I didnt realize what trouble he was in until at that time. It was not until at that time that I realized what trouble he was in. : not…until not until,

15 The teacher didnt stop his lesson until the bell rang. ( It was not until the bell rang that the teacher stopped his lesson. It was not until his father came that the boy began to do his homework.

16 Read Julias diary entry and tell me all the emphases( ) she used. I am so tired! I have just got home from the cinema and finished the laundry. Mum told me to help her with it because she is not a maid! Before I fall asleep, I have to write down what happened today. Mary and I had an appointment to meet at the shopping center at 1 pm, but it wasnt until 2:30pm that she arrived! I didnt have time to get angry with her because we had to run to the cinema in time for the next show. Mary agreed to see the film I picked because she felt sorry for being late, but she really wanted to see a musical. The film was such a disappointment! Listening to the formal language all the characters used was really tiresome! Mary had to say to me, Do think twice before you choose a film! Im not unhappy about what she said. It is the time wasted on the film that Im unhappy about. Mary and I made an agreement never to see such a film again. Maybe next time we can see a musical!

17 Change the dialogue into an emphatic one Dad: Tom, what did you do? Its a mess here in the room. Tom: Dad, its not my fault. Jack broke the vase( ) this afternoon. He is naughty. Jack: Im sorry, Dad, but Tom knocked me down, and the vase was broken. Dad: Tom, did you knock Jack? Tom: Yeah. Im sorry, but what can we do now? My mother loves it and she will come back in an hour. Dad: Clean it up and buy a similar one before your mother comes back. We can solve this problem only in this way. We cant tell her the truth until she finds it herself. Tom and Jack: Good idea! Thank you, Dad.






23 Homework: Finish the paper on emphasis

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