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Wall Coverings  Selected according to: ○ Function ○ Size ○ Existing furnishings ○ Budget ○ Maintenance.

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2 Wall Coverings  Selected according to: ○ Function ○ Size ○ Existing furnishings ○ Budget ○ Maintenance

3 Four Types of Surface Treatment  Paint  Wall paper  Fabric  Wood /Tile

4 Paint  Paint is the least expensive and easiest to change.  Choose a color slightly lighter than the color desired.

5 Paint  Types Oil-Based ○ Durable and washable ○ Chosen for walls and ceilings in bathrooms and kitchens Latex (water-based) ○ Easily applied ○ Quick drying ○ Often used for living, dining and bedrooms. Least expensive

6 Paint Finishes  Finishes Gloss – reflects most light Semi-gloss – easy to wash; reflects less light Eggshell – reflects little light; hard to maintain.  Amount of paint 1 gallon of paint will cover about 400 square feet.

7 Selecting Paint  Remember that dark colors make a room feel smaller.  Light colors and smooth walls make a room feel larger  Ceilings ○ Feel top heavy if color is darker than the walls.

8 Wallpaper Thousands of patterns and colors to choose from. Many treated with varying thicknesses of vinyl. Low to high cost. Can be washed or scrubbed depending on type of paper.

9 Wallpaper is used to:  Wallpaper is used to: Alter the shape of the room Camouflage architectural flaws Absorb sound Insulate Provide background Add color, texture, and pattern

10 Four Types of Wallpaper  Pre-pasted: Glue applied during manufacturing process. Soak in water before hanging up.  Strippable: It can be easily removed from the wall, by pulling on a corner  Scrubbable: Wiped clean, and marks scrubbed off with design still remaining.  Vinyl-coated: Recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms.

11 More information  Packaged and sold by the roll – single or double  Patterns repeat – allow enough for large patterns  Run number – number printed on wall paper that indicates it’s from a certain dye lot. (For manufacturer)

12 Things to remember…  Wall paper with vertical stripes makes a wall appear taller.  Large patterns make a room appear smaller.

13 Fabric  Large variety of patterns and colors  Mounted in different ways  Not as practical in areas that get a lot of wear or dirt.  Average to high cost  Vacuum to remove dirt and wash if possible.

14 Fabric  Provides texture (heavy textures make a room appear smaller)  Wide range of colors & patterns  Could be total wall coverage  Could be wall hanging  Provides insulation

15 Tile and Wood  Ceramic Tile Most often used in bathrooms and kitchens. ○ Durable, Easily cleaned, somewhat costly.  Paneling Wall treatment made of wood.

16 Ceramic Tile

17 Paneling  Warm and attractive appearance  Requires little maintenance  Different forms and price ranges  Provides insulation

18 Molding  Moldings are strips of wood used for trim in a room.  Main purpose – to finish off a window, door, or wall. Base boards ○ Molding hides the break between floor and wall. Chair rails ○ Molding across the wall about 3 feet from the floor. ○ Molding that divides a wall Crown ○ Molding to hide the break between the ceiling and wall.

19 Base Board Molding Chair Rails

20 Crown Molding

21 Chair Rail Base Board

22 Ceilings  Long ago were often painted with murals and designs.  Average height is 8 feet.  Higher ceilings lend a feeling of dignity  Lower ceilings create a warm and informal room.

23 Two Types of Walls  Walls Bearing: ○ support the weight of the ceiling, floor, upper floor and roof, should not be moved, or removed Non-bearing: ○ serve as partitions between rooms and do not support the main structure.

24 Walls Functions of Walls ○ Protect interior from the outside ○ Give structural support ○ Conceal pipes, wire, mechanical systems and insulation. ○ Serve as backgrounds ○ Provide acoustics

25 Specialty Painting  Strie

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