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Floor Coverings Objective 4.02.

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1 Floor Coverings Objective 4.02

Which textile law prevents manufacturer’s from producing home interior products from materials that burn easily? A. Consumer Product Safety Commission B. Flammable Fibers Act C. Textile Fiber Products Identification Act D. Wool Products Labeling Act

3 Objective 1st- Finish 4.01 Notes!!! 2nd- Classify Floor Coverings

4 Outline/Vocab (on your course outline sheet)
A. Soft Floor Coverings 1. Carpet 2. Rugs 3. Pads/cushions B. Wood C. Resilient Floor Coverings 1. Vinyl 2. Laminate D. Tile E. Calculations

5 Floor Coverings Surfaces placed over the structural floor
Attached to the floor but not part of the structure Most expensive background treatment in a living room design 1. Soft floor coverings 2. Resilient floor coverings

6 Soft Floor Coverings Insulate cold floors, provide sound control and walking comfort, add color and texture to a room, can cover entire floor or portions of it. Three types: Carpeting Rugs Padding

7 Carpeting In today's market, most is made of nylon
Wall-to-wall covers an entire floor, making rooms appear large and luxurious. Can hide damage or faults in the surface of a floor Maintained by routine vacuuming High traffic areas will eventually show wear and dirt; can be professionally cleaned

8 Rugs Room-size rug: Exposes a small border of the floor
Shows off beautiful wood floor while keeping warmth and comfort

9 Rugs Area rugs: Vary in size, but not as large as a room-size rug
Used to define areas of a room, add interest, and even serve as a focal point Can be moved from room to room to create a new look

10 Padding Used under carpeting/rugs to lessen wear and increase resilience Will extend the life and increase resilience of a rug Adds luxury and warmth Made of hair, jute, sponge, or foam rubber

11 Resilient Floor Coverings
Provides cushioning for walking and noise control Made of materials other than fiber Available in a wide range of colors and patterns Vinyl Laminate

12 Vinyl Available in many colors, patterns, textures
Available in tile or sheet form Good walking comfort and sound absorption

13 Laminate Decorative surface fused to a sturdy core under intense heat and pressure Resistant to traffic, stains, and fading Easy to clean, comfortable walking, good sound absorption Can take on the look of oak flooring at a much lower price

14 Laminate

15 Flooring Materials Used as the top surface of a floor
Structurally part of the floor; fairly permanent Common materials include: Wood Tile Concrete Brick

16 Wood Looks good with all styles of furniture; very popular
Offers beauty and warmth to a room Durable, but can be scratched and dented Cost is moderate to high, depending on the type/quality of wood Oak, is the most common because of its beauty, warmth, and durability

17 Tile Flat piece of fired clay or natural stone
Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, finishes, patterns Grout fills the spaces between the tiles Feels cool to the touch, therefore more popular in warm areas than colder climates Can be heated by radiant heat coils beneath the floor

18 Calculations Calculating square yards of floor covering:
Multiply the length times the width of the room and then divide by nine square feet: L x W 9

19 Cost = (L x W/9) x cost per sq. yd.
Calculations Calculating cost of flooring: First find the square yards of floor covering needed (L x W/ 9) Then, multiply square yards x cost per square yard Cost = (L x W/9) x cost per sq. yd.

20 Calculations Let’s do a couple together…
Calculating Flooring Worksheet (attached to your notes – keep in your notes)

21 Activity Please complete the “Calculating the Cost of Floor Coverings” Worksheet and Glue in Notebooks! Front side- Calculations Back side- Selecting floor coverings

22 SHOEBOX PROJECT Finally  Examples DUE October 28th!

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