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Creating Interior Backgrounds

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1 Creating Interior Backgrounds
Chapter 14

2 Flooring Material Wood Offers beauty and warmth
Some resilience and durability Can scratch and dent Cost is moderate to high Hardwoods include oak, maple, beech, birch, hickory, mahogany, cherry and teak Softwoods include redwood, cedar, cypress and white pine

3 Flooring materials Two types of installation
Unfinished Prefinished Must acclimate to the interior temperature due to humidity and temperature Multiple steps to finishing Engineered wood can be installed over concrete and has more stability

4 Flooring materials Tile
Feels cool to touch and more popular in sunbelt areas Can be expensive to install Ceramic Harder, more durable and more expensive Quality and cost can vary Glazed ceramic tile is water and stain resistant Seal the grout

5 Flooring materials Porcelain Tile Quarry Tile Highest quality tile
Can withstand freezing temperature Smooth surfaces can become slippery Ceramic tile color is only on the surface Quarry Tile Made from terra- cotta Very strong and durable Glazed or unglazed

6 Flooring Materials Natural Stone Concrete
Beautiful and durable, but costly Limestone, travertine, granite, marble, slate Texture may be rough or polished Easy to maintain Concrete Color can be added Sturdy and durable, but uncomfortable to stand on Inexpensive

7 Flooring Material Brick Costly, beautiful and durable
Wide variety of pattern

8 Floor Coverings Floor coverings are surfaces placed over the structural floor Last several years, are expensive, but not as expensive as flooring materials Include soft floor coverings and resilient floor coverings

9 Soft Floor Covering Carpets and rugs
Made from natural or manufactured fibers Insulate cold floors Provide sound control Walking comfort Add color and texture Can cover the entire floor or only a portion of it

10 Soft Floor Covering Wall to wall carpet Room-size rug Area rugs
Makes a room larger Hides damage or faults in the floor Room-size rug Exposes border on the floor Requires two cleaning methods Area rugs Vary in size Used to define areas, add interest, serve as focal point

11 Resilient Floor Covering
Nonabsorbent, durable easy to maintain Fairly inexpensive Provide some cushioning for walking Vinyl, laminate and cork

12 Vinyl Floor Covering Available in many colors, pattern and textures
Quality varies with cost Available in tiles or sheet Solid vinyl floor covering is made totally of vinyl rather than a thin layer Have appearance of hardwood, marble, stone granite or geometric pattern

13 Laminate flooring Product made by uniting one or more different layer
Best have four layers that are fused under heat and pressure Resistant to traffic, stains and fading

14 Cork Flooring Must be covered with protective coating to be water resistant, durable and easy to maintain Rich appearance Good walking comfort

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