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CON 4003 Construction Estimating Prof R. V. Locurcio.

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1 CON 4003 Construction Estimating Prof R. V. Locurcio

2 Include  Nonbearing walls  Finishes applied to floors, walls, and ceilings

3 In construction:  Finishes take longer to install  Are more expensive than other tasks  Room can be basic or more elegant In life:  Women typically want the best of the best  AND……

4  Nonbearing wall  Consists of light-gage steel studs in a C-shaped runner at the top and bottom of partition  Main use is to form stud walls  Used in commercial building; whereas, timber studs used in residential

5 Solution steps: Determine the total number of studs need, assume standard spacing Then determine number of pieces of runners


7  Consists of the gypsum board, metal or plastic trim, fasteners, tape, and drywall compound  Boards come in different thicknesses but typically 1/2 and 5/8 inches  Width is always 4 feet Length varies from 8 to 16 feet  Different types  Standard- typically used  Type X (fire rated)- used to create fire rated partitions and ceilings  Water resistant- used in wet areas (bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.)

8  Placed on masonry and concrete walls to permit installation of gypsum, prefinished plywood, or other type of finished interior wall materials.  Labor Hours required to place wood furring strips and grounds in usually estimated by 100 lf.

9  Known as Drywall or Sheetrock  Sheets 1/2” or 5/8” thick and 4 ft wide by 8 or 10 ft long.  Fastened to furring strips on concrete walls, directly to studs, and to the ceiling joists.  Labor hours required to install drywall varies with size and complexity of area. (round walls are more complex than flat walls)


11  Priced by the square ft  Taping and finishing are listed by sq ft  Pricing depends on finishing:  Textured, smooth, sprayed  Hanging drywall is usually done by a crew  Usually a budget is allotted for touch-ups

12  Prefinished plywood panels are used to cover walls and ceilings.  Panels are ¼” – ¾” thick; 4’ X 8’  Available in almost any material.  Cost depends on size and species.  The cost of labor installing plywood panels varies considerably with size, shape, and complexity of area.  Waste factor can be high depending on shapes in areas.

13  Base board moldings are made of pine or oak  Installed at floor level around the room.  Crown molding are installed at ceiling level





18  Consists of ceiling tiles suspended from the ceiling in a metal grid  Grid consists of wall molding, main tees, 4 foot cross tees, and 2 foot cross tees  Quick installation of lights and AC vents  Metal studs do not go to the top of the ceiling  Freedom of where to run the ducts




22  Floats over concrete which allows floors to move, expand, and contract  A gap is left between all edges of the floor  Vapor barriers, sound- deadening underlayment, and trim must be included in cost




26  More durable than linoleum  Typically used in high volume areas and in bathrooms  Cheaper version of wood and laminate  Available in 12 foot widths  Must be installed in one direction  Rooms wider than 12 feet, pattern must be seamed  Comes with glue on it, just have to rip off plastic

27  VCTs have no space between titles  Eliminates need for grout  Available in 12 in x 12 in squares  Glue needs to be calculated from historical data  Affordable, durable, and strong  Typically used in commercial and industrial buildings such as schools

28  Roles or pieces  Bid as a linear good  Can be bent around corners, no cutting required  Cheaper than wood baseboard  Typically used in commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals

29  Pad is sheet good  Fastening strips are required  Trim is required anytime the carpet transitions  Fastening strips and trim are bid as a linear good


31  Bid on the square footage; roll or spray  Trim paint must be specified; brushed on  Specify number of coats  Can turn a basic room to an elegant room

32 Calculate area of wall Calculate the volume of the primer and paint



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