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Problems and Challenges of Late Middle Age Christendom.

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1 Problems and Challenges of Late Middle Age Christendom

2  French King (Philip the Fair) convinces Pope to move to Avignon  Popes concentrated on administrative (not spiritual) matters  Lived a life of luxury


4  Gregory XI returns the Church to Rome  Death leads to the election of an Italian, Urban VI  Heavy-handed ways leads to a revolt by cardinals.

5  Cardinals elect Clement VII (French) & excommunicate Urban VI  Clement sets up in Avignon; Urban remains in Rome

6 Allied with ClementAllied with Urban  France  Scotland  Aragon  Castile  Portugal  England  Holy Roman Empire (loose)  Italian city-states (move to Clement)

7  The Schism confused lay people  Opened the Church up to criticism  Weakened its hold on the people

8 William of Occam Marsiglio of Padua John Wyclif Jan Hus

9  Both argue ◦ Separation of church and state ◦ Pope should have limited powers ◦ Church take a back-seat to state  Conciliarists ◦ Power in hands of council, not pope alone

10  Bible was the ultimate authority; not pope  Translated Bible to English  “Lollards” spread ideas and Bibles

11  Criticized indulgences  Preached in Czech language in Bohemia  Increased Czech nationalism, forced a separation from Catholic church

12  Attempt to heal schism  Elect a new pope, but other two do not leave ◦ Three popes!!!!

13  Meet to: ◦ End schism ◦ Reform church ◦ End heresy  Execute Hus  End schism by electing new pope (Martin V)

14  Confraternities ◦ Groups of lay people who took on the functions of the church  Mysticism ◦ Intense religious feelings ◦ Visions, “experiencing God”, the Holy Spirit, “Born Again”

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