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The Great Schism AP Euro 2.1.

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1 The Great Schism AP Euro 2.1

2 The Standoff Pope Boniface VIII
In 1300, the Church of the High Middle Ages, centralized in the Papacy, was at its strongest. Clericis Laicos Kings can’t tax the clergy Kings need papal support for using funds garnished from the church Pope Boniface VIII

3 NO! Edward I of England Philip IV “The Fair” of France
And what you gonna do about it Boni Boy? NO! Edward I of England Philip IV “The Fair” of France

4 I’m bringing the Bull! “Unam Sanctum” 1302 Papal Bull Most extreme of all assertions of Papal supremacy "Let no one persuade you that you have no superior or that you are not subject to the head of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, for he is a fool who so thinks."

5 More UNUM SANCTUM Philip IV's response?
“Every human creature was subject to the Roman Pontiff (Pope) Two swords spiritual and temporal Only one sword rules…the pope Philip IV's response?

6 What’s a King to do??? Accuses the Pope of being the devil
Send 2000 mercenaries to kill him Boniface VIII is captured, then released dies of “extreme chagrin” month later diminishes power of Pope and raises Philip IV

7 Babylonian Captivity (1303-1417)
The death of Boniface VIII brought about the election of a Pope who was subservient to Phillip the Fair New Pope Clement V, took his residence in the French border city of Avignon The rest of Europe regarded the Popes at Avignon as tools of France Popes began to live a more extravagant lifestyle next 5 popes are all French Pope’s palace in Avignon

8 Great Schism of the West
In 1378 Pope Gregory XI dies while in Rome Romans demand Pope be chosen while cardinals are in Rome Choose Urban VI an Italian who decides to stay in Rome temper begins to shock cardinals

9 What to do when you don’t like your pick?
Just pick another Pope!

10 Two Popes Key Point: all of this was occurring in
Urban VI elected by the Cardinals Based in Rome excommunicates Clement VII Recognized by: England Holy Roman Empire Italy Clement VII elected by the same Cardinals based in Avignon, France excommunicates Urban VI Recognized by: France Aragon / Castile (Spain) Scotland Key Point: all of this was occurring in the same generation as the plague

11 What’s better than two popes?
Both die and each side elects a new pope Cardinals on both sides get together in 1409 to resolve the issue….instead. They choose another pope! Yes, three popes at once!

12 Jon Wyclif (1380) The true Church could do without elaborate possessions own no land An organized Church might not be necessary for salvation. Lollards movement based on Wyclif ideas wanted reform of western church religious power came from piety, not church hierarchy Translated the Bible into English Disgusted in the schism people sent out to sway opinion for papal support

13 John Hus Led a nationalistic religious movement in Bohemia
Similar to Wycliff Bible is a higher authority than the Pope

14 Conciliar Movement Movement to solve issues by gathering church leaders Hoped to diminish the power of the Pope Create a council to rule with the Pope 1450 movement ends with Papacy still in tact

15 Council of Constance People tired of the bickering and infighting between the THREE Popes just want some spiritual leadership and guidance stop the spread of heresy!! Elect Martin V Pope others resigned John Hus accused of heresy burnt at the stake

16 Simony, Nepotism, Pluralism
Church continues to be corrupted by money and privileges: Simony To buy or sell a Church office Nepotism To give lucrative Church positions to family Pluralism To hold more than one Church position at a time

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