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The Hundred Years’ War and the Plague

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1 The Hundred Years’ War and the Plague
Chapter 14 section 4

2 Key Terms Avignon Great Schism John Wycliffe Jan Hus Bubonic plague
Hundred Years’ War Joan of Arc

3 A Church Divided Pope and King collide
Pope Boniface tried to enforce papal authority on kings King Philip IV asserted authority over bishops Boniface said that kings must always obey popes

4 A Church Divided My master’s sword is made of steel, his sword is made of words Philip held pope as a prisoner in 1303 King wanted to put him on trial Pope rescued and died one month later

5 Avignon and the Great Schism
Philip IV had College of Cardinals pick a French bishop as Pope Clement IV moved from Rome to Avignon Pope would live there for 69 years This move weakened the church

6 Avignon and the Great Schism
Pope Urban IV was picked an Italian Pope Urban IV was a reformer Cardinals picked a second pope Clement VII French pope in Avignon and Italian pope in Rome

7 Avignon and the Great Schism
Great Schism- the split of the church 1414 Council of Constance tried to pick just one pope Now there were three popes All popes resigned 1417 one pop picked

8 Scholars Challenge Church Authority
John Wycliffe-preached Jesus Christ not the pope was the head of the church Offended by the worldly wealth of the clergy Clergy should not own land or have wealth Bible not pope the final authority English translation of the Bible

9 Scholars Challenge Church Authority
Jan Hus- professor in Bohemia taught bible higher authority then the pope 1412 he was excommunicated 1414 he was tried as a heretic 1415 burned at the stake

10 The Bubonic Plague Strikes
1300’s Asia, North Africa, and Europe 1/3 of the population dies Bubonic plague-deadly disease Epidemic ripped communities apart

11 The Bubonic Plague Strikes
Began in Asia 1347 Genoese fleets arrived in Sicily with the Plague Known as black death Purplish black spots on skin From Italy to Spain, France, Germany and North Africa

12 The Bubonic Plague Strikes
Took four years to reach all of Europe 25 million Europeans die Many more in Africa and Asia Struck every few years

13 Effects of the Plague Manorial system began to crumble
Town population fell Trade declined, prices rose Peasant revolts in England, France and Italy Jews blamed for the plague driven from their home’s, persecuted Church loss of prestige, prayers failed, priests left

14 The Hundred Years War England and France fought on French soil
Edward III was a grandson of Philip IV claimed French throne was started by Edward Went back and forth English drive out

15 The Hundred Years War Changed style of warfare
Some warriors under chivalry Newer foot soldiers and archers

16 The Longbow Changes Warfare
Introduced by the English First battle was Crecy 1346 English outnumbered 3 to 1 French had knights, crossbows Thousands of arrows flew

17 The Longbow Changes Warfare
Caused a retreat and panic Knights trampled the crossbows Volley after volley Knights left on the ground Knights slaughtered by English with knives

18 The Longbow Changes Warfare
1/3 of French Army was killed Longbow won the day Knights would become extinct Battle of Poitiers and Battle of Agincourt

19 Joan of Arc 1420 French an English signed a treaty
Henry V would inherit the French crown Joan of Arc French teenage peasant Move by god to rescue France

20 Joan of Arc Age 13 had visions an hear voices of the saints
Urged her to drive English from France 1429 Joan led a French Army Joan and a few troops charged the fort, French army followed

21 Joan of Arc Joan of Arc ended the siege of Orleans
Charles crowned King of France English captured Joan Charles did not help her She was burned at the stake as a witch

22 The Impact of the Hundred Years War
Ended 1453 Feeling of nationalism in France an England Fight for glory of the country King national leader Power an prestige of French Monarchs England internal turmoil, War of the Roses, fought for throne

23 The Impact of the Hundred Years War
End of Hundred years War end of the “Middle Ages” Religious devotion and chivalry crumble Great schism Display of wealth by the church Discrediting church during plague

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