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Background to Herodotus and Thucydides

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1 Background to Herodotus and Thucydides
The Greek World Background to Herodotus and Thucydides

2 The Early Greek World The Rise of the Polis 1000-600 BC
Collapse of the Bronze Age Monarchies Age of the Basileis The Hoplite Revolution Trade and Colonization BC The Revival of Trade in the Tenth Century BC Phoenician Colonies Greek Colonization

3 Trade Routes in Antiquity
There were three main trade routes connecting Britain with the Mediterranean. The western route carried goods by sea from southwestern Britain to southern Spain, in particular the Guadalquivar valley. From there, goods passed through the straits of Gibraltar into the western Mediterranean. An alternative route cut through southern Gaul, passing up the Garonne river over Narbonne to the Mediterranean. An eastern route led from eastern Britain to the mouth of the Rhine. Goods traveled up the Rhine and then crossed over to the Rhone river around Basel. Three trade routes crossed through the Alpine passes, connecting northern Europe with the Po valley and the head of the Adriatic Sea. In eastern Europe, the amber road connected the Danube and Black Sea with the Baltic. In the far east, caravan routes connected the Tigris and Euphrates valleys with the Mediterranean through northern Syria.

4 Colonial Expansion, 800-500 BC
Massalia Cadiz Carthage

5 Cultural Impact I

6 Cultural Impact II

7 Greece and Persia Development of Athenian Democracy First Persian War
Solon’s Reforms ca. 590 Peisistratid Tyranny Cleisthenes’ Reforms ca. 500 First Persian War Cyrus the Great Further Expansion under Darius Ionian Rebellion, 500 Marathon 490 Second Persian War Xerxes Thermopylae 480 Salamis 480

8 Persian Expansion

9 Rise of the Athenian Empire
Delian League 477 Leadership of Themistokles Leadership of Cimon Conflicts with Sparta and Persia Construction of Long Walls Athenian Expedition to Egypt 456 League Treasury moved to Athens 454 Cypriot Expedition and Peace with Persia Creation of Empire 448 30-years’ Peace with Sparta 445 Dominance of Pericles

10 Athens and Sparta Persian Empire Athens Sparta

11 Athenian Expansion, 460-445 BC
Persian Empire Athens Syracuse Carthage

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