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The Greek World Background to Herodotus and Thucydides.

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1 The Greek World Background to Herodotus and Thucydides

2 The Early Greek World The Rise of the Polis 1000-600 BC Collapse of the Bronze Age Monarchies Age of the Basileis The Hoplite Revolution Trade and Colonization 900-500 BC The Revival of Trade in the Tenth Century BC Phoenician Colonies Greek Colonization

3 Trade Routes in Antiquity

4 Colonial Expansion, 800-500 BC Carthage Cadiz Massalia

5 Cultural Impact I

6 Cultural Impact II

7 Greece and Persia Development of Athenian Democracy Solon’s Reforms ca. 590 Peisistratid Tyranny 560-510 Cleisthenes’ Reforms ca. 500 First Persian War Cyrus the Great 559-529 Further Expansion under Darius 521-486 Ionian Rebellion, 500 Marathon 490 Second Persian War 481-479 Xerxes 486-465 Thermopylae 480 Salamis 480

8 Persian Expansion

9 Rise of the Athenian Empire Delian League 477 Leadership of Themistokles 493-470 Leadership of Cimon 470-461 Conflicts with Sparta and Persia Construction of Long Walls 460-457 Athenian Expedition to Egypt 456 League Treasury moved to Athens 454 Cypriot Expedition and Peace with Persia 449-448 Creation of Empire 448 30-years’ Peace with Sparta 445 Dominance of Pericles 443-429

10 Athens and Sparta Sparta Athens Persian Empire

11 Athenian Expansion, 460-445 BC Carthage Syracuse Athens Persian Empire

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