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2 Background 500’s B.C., Persia expands its borders
Desire for more land. Conquers Anatolia (Turkey) and lands around the Aegean Sea. Many Greeks lived in conquered colonies. King Darius leads Persian expedition.

3 Ionian Revolt ( B.C.) Greeks living in Anatolia revolted against Persian Rule. Athens Had a strong navy Sent ships and soldiers to help out. Revolt failed but Persia attacked Athens for help.

4 Battle of Marathon Hand to hand combat Persians vs. Athens
Marathon = 26 miles from Athens A messenger inform the Spartans and asks them for help. Did not get there in time Hand to hand combat 6400 Persians dead, 192 Athenians dead.

5 Persians sent back to Persia.
Athenian Victory A messenger was sent to Athens to inform the city of the victory. Collapsed and died when he reached the city. Persians sent back to Persia.

6 2nd Persian Invasion Darius dies and Xerxes in power.
Determined to punish the Greeks for the Ionian Revolt. Greeks united in leagues of alliance to defend their homes. Sparta = Led the Army Athens = Led the Navy

7 Battle of Thermopylae Spartans under King Leonidas defended the small pass that led into Athens. Held thousands of Persians with 300 soldiers for two days. Eventually lost but delay gave Athens time to prepare.

8 Battle of Salamis (480 B.C.) Naval Battle in the harbor that surrounded Athens. Large Persian ships had a hard time maneuvering. Smaller, faster Greek ships sunk 300 Persian ships Athenian victory ended Persian invasion. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT GREEKS UNITED TO FIGHT AN ENEMY




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