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The Persian and Greek World

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1 The Persian and Greek World
Chapter 3

2 The Persian Empire The Medes and Persians were among the groups of Indo-Europeans speaking tribes that migrated around 2000 B.C.E. Look at the map on page 64. – Where did the Medes and Persians live before migrating to the Plateau of Iran? Trace the route with your finger then write a sentence describing the route.

3 The Persians Describe the Persian society.
What kind of religion did the Persians have?

4 Zoroastrianism Read about Zoroastrianism in the textbook on pages 63 – 64. How was this different from the other religions?

5 The Persians Trace the steps in the building of the Persian Empire from Cyrus II to Cambysis and finally ending with Darius I. Describe how Darius I changed the administration style of Persia.

6 The Persians What was the make-up of the Persian army?
How did the Persian generally treat the peoples they conquered? Imagine you live in one of the areas conquered by Darius I. Write a letter to a friend discussing the advantages and disadvantages of living under Persian rule.

7 The City-States of Greece
What are some groups students can join at LHS? Why do people join such groups? The groups you belong to provide clues to your identity. This is similar to what existed between the Greeks and their city-states. Read pages in order to answer this – How was Greek identity related to the polis? Describe a typical polis.

8 The City-States of Greece
What are other reasons why the Greek city-states established colonies. Look at the map on page 71 and note the extent of this colonization.

9 Democracy Create a pyramid diagram illustrating the social structure of Athens under the aristocratic order. Use page 70 and 71 Life in the Polis to help you.

10 Democracy

11 Democracy As a result of the decline in Greek aristocracy after 700s B.C.E. changes occurred in the social structure of Athens. What led to the decline of the Athenian aristocracy?

12 Democracy Create a chart describing how the different lawmakers tried to adjust to the breakdown of the aristocratic order. Use these lawmakers on your chart – Solon, Peisistratus, and Cleisthenes. Now create a new pyramid chart to reflect the changes made by these lawmakers in the social structure.

13 Sparta What kind of society developed in Sparta.
Use Inspiration and create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Sparta and Athens. Divide into two groups – one group represent the Spartans and the other Athenians. Write down your thoughts about the other group. Present to the class

14 War and Empire in the Aegean
Create a flow chart about the key events in the Persian Wars.

15 The Golden Age of Athens
What was the Delian League? List the characteristics of this league? What were advantages and disadvantages of this organization? Compare the government of Athens to the U.S. government.

16 The Golden Age of Athens
What did the government of Pericles look like? Compare the government of Athens to the U.S. government.

17 The Peloponnesian War Why did Sparta attack Athens?
How did Athens hold off the siege for so long? What was the main cause for the fall of Athens?

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